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  • Hi Mark, Nice scout. We once had a Terra simliar in color.
    I guess I'm echoing Big D103 but I can't help you with any good info. Never had the time to get involved with 4x4 clubs. It's one of my many regrets but you may want to keep an eye on the new england thread . Every once in a while some Mass., NH and Conn. guys had been getting together. I caught up once with them to pass off a few parts. They seem like a good bunch of guys. You might want to check with IHWild or Wayne Hess. They might be able to head you in the right direction. I now there was some jeep club around that didn't mind scout guys jumping in but I can't remember who mentioned it. One of them might know. Take care and good luck.
    hey mark nice to meet u.there a not to many guys around ct mostly ive been hangin with some guys from mass.go to the new england forum we are in wilimantis theres a guy scott in stafford and a guy in manchester but mostly we have a few get tigethers in mass .
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