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Mark Nokes
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  • Do you still have my suspension design book? I was just wondering where it was for sure. I don't need it just yet though. We ought to get together again anyway maybe a few other could join us.
    I've got my 4 x 2 Brown for sale, sure don't want to but I haven't worked in 10 months. Listed @ 8,250 if anyone's interested, hasn't seen rain in several years ( nice )
    Been good I didn't think you had gottenit. I was seeing if you wanted to get together over the holiday, I was is Little Rock. I was also asking to see if you had a set of seats and seat bases for a scout II. How was your turkey day?
    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for message on my Scouts. I got lucky on the Midas. The original owner traded it or sold it to a dealer and the dealer had it for sale. I'm lucky they posted a picture in their ad because they didn't liost it as a Midas.
    I found another set of white spokes I forgot I had, they are alot better shape, still have a little rust but are alot better and one is missing but I have the others that are the same style Ill get some pics tomorrow
    Hey Mark, how's it going - hope ya'll had a good Father's Day @ PettyJean.

    We cooked about 14 lbs of fillets, crappie and catfish. My brother-in-law cleanes and cooks fish the best I've ever tasted. No fishy taste ever, just awesome. I like it better than steak. He makes a batter using a lot of Greek seasoning and lemon peeper in it.

    Fried potatoes and pintos too. Quite a feed. Have a great day. jeff
    I bought the Terra from Cal in Carl Junction in April 2008, it's a blast to drive, needs some TLC but over all a good ride, I drive it every day or try to.
    I found it on lemon free. com from a nice guy in Clinton, MO.. He was original owner, I went down and drove it last Sept. told him I sure wanted it for sure. He held it for me for a deposit . It took me about 6 months to buy it. The plan was to sell my Terra 1st but that didn't work out plus I was layed off in November. I ended up re-financing my Silverado to buy it, guess it was meant to be. He painted the stripes himself and said he's the only one to ever work on it. Has 84,000 org. miles on it. Love it but I sure want buckets and a console when I can afford it.
    I want to make sure what you mean by "that area" I work in Rogers (Pinnacle Hills) but live in Fayetteville so... but lunch always sounds good to me.
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Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group
Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group