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Binder TV
  1. Mark Ashford

    What suspension lift is this???

    Springs do not look stock. Not sure how much lift. As for the lowering of the spring mounts, from the pictures looks like they did a good job with thought. Not the total hack job we see so often. Without looking at it in person, I'd rock it. Nothing wrong with that approach to lifting a...
  2. Mark Ashford

    Aftermarket axle shafts: Scout II?

    I think you meant this link: Interesting article.
  3. Mark Ashford

    SOA: A design for front axle perch (passenger side) with no cast welding

    Your link has a bad title. If you read the article, nowhere does is say anything about the centers being anything other than cast IRON, hence the reason he uses special Mig wire. Everything I have ever read or heard is that yes, the centers are cast IRON, were as the knuckles are cast STEEL...
  4. Mark Ashford

    Need some eyes

    got more details?
  5. Mark Ashford

    SOA: A design for front axle perch (passenger side) with no cast welding

    1) What axle did you use for this? Becuse that is not a Scout II housing (the hole through the web on the pinion side is evidence of this, been a little while since I looked but I don't remember that being a Scout II think, I've seen it on those housings however). 2) This is why I use...
  6. Mark Ashford

    Aftermarket axle shafts: Scout II?

    OK..... they are not cheap, but good piece of mind. Not sure the who's who of shafts right now, but 10-factory, Nitro and Yukon (the more $$ ones, not the economy ones) have good reputations. Or you can go with the custom axles shaft companies like Dutchman, Curry or Moser. Not sure on...
  7. Mark Ashford

    How wide?

    Wouldn't hurt to spend some time in the internet and look for your states towing laws and rules. In WA (and many other and I think D.O.T.) the above would not be adequate strapping. WA rules require at least 4 individual straps/securment points. I won't get into the straps vs. chains...
  8. Mark Ashford

    Scout II tire rec, what will fit/perform best?

    With a 4" spring lift and a 3" body lift 35's should be a good fit. They WILL rub if you flex it out, but doesn't sound like you're going to. Properly adjusted bump stops will fix that. That said, I wouldn't bother with new tires unless YOU want them. When it comes to tire shops they get...
  9. Mark Ashford

    fuel injection

    But don't expect a miracle in fuel economy. Its still an industrial motor in a light-truck frame, all you've done is add a slightly more efficient fuel delivery system. You'll see an increase over a crappily tuned and timed Carb, but you still have a tired engine. The drivability will be...
  10. Mark Ashford

    How wide?

    A "D" series pick-up body is about 6'-6" wide at its widest point about the belt line. Little over 6' at the bottom of the fenders. Stock the tires tend to sit pretty much under the body with no stick-out so I'd venture to say it would probably fit, but its going to be pretty tight. Keep...
  11. Mark Ashford

    Tweaked Scout II Door

    Scout doors are pretty strong, originally. What is making it tweaked and weak? Broken spot welds? Cracks? Rust? Short of smashing on on a rock or into a post it seems it would be hard to tweak one, and even ones I HAVE ground on rocks... they still hold there basic dimensions. Finding...
  12. Mark Ashford

    Steering box swap costs

    What he said :D I'd agree that its probably a 2-hour or so project for a motivated individual in a good working space. I wouldn't let any shop try to charge you any significant more labor wise. Anyone know if Benchwork's Power Steering is still around? Last box I got was from them...
  13. Mark Ashford

    high steer and axle width

    The KNUCKLE stays in the reletive same place with both the IH knuckles and the GM/FSJ/Ford knuckles, or just about all standard D44 knuckle. The Spindle/backing plate/hub combo of the GM/FSJ/Ford combo pushed the WHEEL MOUNTING FLANGE (or surface as its commonly abbreviated [WMS]) out at...
  14. Mark Ashford

    Bending ~1.5 HREW tubing for roof rack?

    Brett had good results with the HF bender because he used Schedule 40 PIPE in it, which it is designed for and does a decent job on. TUBING on the other hand is a different animal and the HF PIPE bender does NOT do a good job. Profile of the dies is wrong, and design in wrong for TUBING...
  15. Mark Ashford

    Suspention, SOA, Body, Shackle lift-Scout II

    Pretty much. Fuel tank is a non-issue if you have a stock tank. Aftermarket tank may be attached to the frame and would have to be addressed. Auto shifter uses a cable so its a non issue, manual shifter shouldn't be an issue either. T-case *may* have to be re-bent or the cover clearances a...