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    IHSTO Binder Bee 2008

    Binder Bee 2008 is a week gone...I've now had time to pack away all the supplies until the next time around. The entire committee (names listed early on in this thread!), and Kathy and I were astounded at the participant turnout this year. So many NEW folks with rigs that have been out there...
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    July IHSTO Meeting?

    The website is FAR from being "static"! Chris has done an outstanding job behind the scenes keeping it up to date, adding MUCH fresh content, and doing much behind the scenes to further our relationship with other special interest groups with banner ads, links, etc. Just keeping a...
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    Mike Roth in Petersen's 4wheel and Off Road!

    Word on the street iz...Mikey's gonna set up under his Kidzone Tent at tha Bee, he's gonna sign autographs for the KIDZ at $1 each since he knows they'll ALL hava dollar inna pocket and he can BS'em inta thinkin' he's a celebrity. But that is ONLY after he promises to show up at their B-day...
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    Lil' Pink Scout

    I NEED somma them plastic/glass bearing stickers TOO! Don't be so titeazz with 'em! After all we gotta bizzniss relationship to kickoff here...I gotta pimp that stuff heavy. I expect at least a thousand or so for tha Bee so's we can pass 'em arount! And I DON't see Mobinder on tha...
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    Bee Boppin'

    Yep...we WILL have a community bulletin board again this year, I've got index cards and sharpies, but I AIN'T gonna write an ad for ya (unless a commission is involved). This ain't no different than what we do amongst ourselves every day and at most all meetings and social gatherings, just a...
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    Bee Boppin'

    My half the trailertrashtrailer is the comm center (complete with printer and peripherals) for the Bee, the carb bench, the All Terrain Welding Cart Mobile Sales and Service Center (with a demo unit), IHON parts warehouse, and dawg kennel. Momma gits what's left of her double bunk downstairs...
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    Carb identification

    For DEFINITIVE IH carb identification go to this link, you will find samples of ALL variations along with additional information. The LIST number on the Holley air horn, or main body defines exactly WHICH carb you are concerned with, and what It's OEM application is/was...
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    Epic of the Travelall

    Glad ya mentioned the windshield Drew, I forgot to let Lyle and Carl know it was OK to "release" it! Kathy told me last nite that the Roth's need Wilbur to live at their place for awhile...of course my comeback was..."I'm fixxin' too". Regarding glass...there will be info in the Bee...
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    Epic of the Travelall

    Boy did we ALL have a successful day dealin' in junkiron yestidy! Met NEW FOLKS (IHtrucker!), Drew went ta skool some more (he's hell on cleanin' batteries in fire trucks), and ALL of the crap at the Roth compound is now functional, including the pumpmotor on the firewagon! And that biker bar...
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    IHSTO Binder Bee 2008

    So there you have it. Rumors that have taken on a life of their own...and perpetuated with each retelling by continued regurgitation. I do know how this whole pile of crap got started and who continued to spread it around. And there are some folks who seem to dwell in negatives without an...
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    Epic of the Travelall

    The tools for the "engine crank" process are in the "special" bag and loaded. I also have a compression gauge set AND a "leakdown" tester that will tell ya MORE than ya ever wanted to know about tha maybe dead hole on tha 8lunger. I'll trade ya that stuff for the backloan of my cherrypicker...
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    Thanks for the update Kevin! Ain't teknologee great! I'm thinkin' on gittin' my jaws wired shut for tha same reason...that would help all mankind in more ways than one. But it ain't gonna happin until D'lise puts them encheelattas inna spray can for me! Hang in there Dude!
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    Happy B-day to Scott Sinner!

    And he's 50 Trev???? That's olt enuff to be yore dadee's dadee! Guud thang there's onena them highrise assisted living operations down in yore kuntree! Happy B-day Dude!
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    IHSTO Binder Bee 2008

    The show grounds layout for Powerland is now ready for viewing. We will be spreading out over a much larger area for this year's edition to reflect the growth in the show over the years. Keep in mind however, the attached map does NOT show the whole of Powerland which covers nearly 60 acres...
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    IHSTO Binder Bee 2008

    Crosspost from this thread: One of many activities available during Binder Bee 2008 is a chance to run your rig on one of two, old skool Peerless engine analyzers. We have 22 time slots available for 45 minute evaluation sessions which...