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  • Hey there Mike I am in need of some carb help. My husband and I are currently working on our 1968 Scout 800 - 196ci - The Holley List# on the carb is 3993-821 & the IH # 360766-C91. After hours of reading zillions of posts I have decided you are above all the best resource for all things carb/IH related :)

    local NAPA says they can get me their part #CRB 25577 or CRB 25213 for rebuild kits so my acctual question is which one do you recommend we use? We have also been buying used parts, etc for our "inventory closet" and I found an unopened box from HOLLEY - High Performance TricKit - Carb Rebuild Kit #37-474 but I cannot find any information about this rebuild kit anywhere.

    Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge to those of us newbies in the Binder World - we have been bitten by the IH bug and its awesome! Any help you can give is appreciated more than you can ever know.


    WebbnFlow (Anna & Randy Webb)
    hoping you can help a new addicted (somewhat helpless) unknowledgable individual.. 2300 holly 0-7448 hits the doorstep wed... knowledge base says to make it better add
    Spring Loaded Needle & Seat, 6-513 *$23.20
    Vent Baffle, 26-89 *$7.00
    Fuel Bowl Vent Screen, 26-39 *$7.99
    Jets #51, 122-51 *$6.00
    Felpro Carb to Manifold Gasket, 60677 *$7.00
    1" TRD Aluminum Carb Spacer, 3127 *$30.70
    Accel Pump Cam Assortment, 20-12 *$15.95
    i know that the jets are not right for my altitude (5000 ft) dont need rebuild kit kuz it is new
    have not found out about room issues for the spacer yet... my question is will carb come with gasket or do i get the felpro... needle and vent baffle seemto be a good "off roading upgrade for carb.... what am i missing what else do i need... or just plug and play
    Hey Mr. Mayben, sent you an email on a carb rebuild for my holley 5200. Hope you can do this for me. Thanks, Michael
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