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  1. Lars-S

    258 amc 6 cylinder TBI distributor setup

    Knew I should of just kept my yap shut instead of trying to help ... especially since as pointed out .. no pics or specifics to really go by.. I just made assumptions from the little info in the title... 258 AMC 6 (4.2 not 4.0 injection) and TBI (throttle body? aka gm carb tbi) on stock manifold...
  2. Lars-S

    258 amc 6 cylinder TBI distributor setup

    A stock distributor should work fine.. What TBI are you using.. It sounds like the vacuum modulator may have an issue.. when you punch it in essence your vacuum falls on its face (you have none) for a second.. that and throttle position give the info the computer needs to run the injectors properly.
  3. Lars-S

    Lurch's '67 Beach Cruiser

    To "HELP" prevent LOL .. the only thing IMO that can totally prevent corrosion is .. but then Mom taught me just because I pray for it doesn't mean it will happen..
  4. Lars-S

    A 78 Traveler build

    Jealous not sure will not get to drive mine before summer is over but end of week is Sept already... At the car show this past weekend one of the cars had a built 350 with headers and lots of chrome.. He was telling us that it normally hangs at 180 but if in traffic / lights in town it will jump...
  5. Lars-S

    Scout II Aftermarket Window Felts = Complete Garbage

    I have 2 Scout doors that have been in storage for over 20 years.. I am going to use them to replace my doors as they are almost totally devoid of rust.. They are missing everything but the window scraper rubber for the windows.. These are probably original or at the very least if ever replaced...
  6. Lars-S

    What tool to use when cutting metal

    You have narrowed it down a bit when you mention why (what) you want to use it for. That said it 'depends' exactly how and what/where you will be using it as previous posts suggest.. Even in just saying 'doing floorpans' thats a load of different options so I can't suggest what is best (if there...
  7. Lars-S

    TravelerMan's 79 Build Begins

    Had to look it up, never heard of it either, appears to be a temporary (treatable) which is great.. Appears to be worse when 1st step on it so guess its another incentive not to get out of bed in the morning LOL.. Finally headed to doc on Thur .. hopefully also something we can make go away...
  8. Lars-S

    ‘72 1310 +’85 Alaskan

    What do they call it "glamping sites" I believe... a farm near here is looking to get zoned for that versus the years of 'camp sites' Thing I loved about the extra length I had in traveler was if it started pouring overnight just put my sleeping bag in back full length.
  9. Lars-S

    Scout II Aftermarket Window Felts = Complete Garbage

    Thank you for heads up in fair evaluation warning.. From your pics it almost looks like the clips are punched into the felt runner.. but that they were punched in "upside down".. is that a fair assessment? you can tell better from the actual pieces you have. If so is it possible to redo the...
  10. Lars-S

    LSF MidLife Crisis Truck & Car Show - 8/28 NJ

    Sadly no IH's. Weather this past week prevented getting mine done enough to bring it to event.. The L&S Foundation would like to say: Saw some really neat tricks / adaptions done by owners to aide cooling their engines (engine compartments). Also met someone that does restoration work all by...
  11. Lars-S

    $600 Scout II

    Kentrol had the fronts in glass but not a big fan of that except for hoods - removeable tops.. Sadly no one made/ makes them in aluminum as a once and be done fix like Wray is thinking of doing on the 800 Scout on ProShaper.. Aluminum isn't cheap though but if a bolt them on once thingee might...
  12. Lars-S

    Toms 79' "WoodBine Beaster" Canadian no longer a mess SSII!

    I'm missing something .. it looks like you could just turn the perches (move them) to get the angle for the springs.. its early and still suffering from 3 digit heat brain fade .. isn't that an option?
  13. Lars-S

    1978 Scout II New To Me Project

    Do not know, nor if it is necessary, however another question is 'can I use it for something'? I mention this because when I was looking at the flanges and studs on the 46re extension along with the Dana 300 adaption I was thinking can I use any of them for exhaust brackets / hangers.. just an...
  14. Lars-S

    $600 Scout II

    It is my understanding that IH vehicle DNA includes a 'rust' chromosome. I can't speak to that but in my experience it appears they used a 'rust primer' at the factory under the standard primer and top paint coat.. Guess it was mistaken, and $$$ cheaper, than using a 'red oxide' primer...
  15. Lars-S

    TravelerMan's 79 Build Begins

    Scout and Familly time ... Win Win ..