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Recent content by knucklehead_vol

Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group
  1. knucklehead_vol

    Polar Scout

    Here's another shot of it...
  2. knucklehead_vol

    Polar Scout

    Scout II in the Netflix movie Polar.
  3. knucklehead_vol

    Article On 1st Light Duty Diesel Truck
  4. knucklehead_vol

    Conway, AR

    Anyone live close to here? I have a 14 bolt with leaf springs that need to be picked up.
  5. knucklehead_vol

    Picture of your IH

    Here is a 392 I bought.
  6. knucklehead_vol

    Picture of your IH

    Here is a 74 I bought in the summer...
  7. knucklehead_vol

    Picture of your IH

    Bought the 66 Travelette from Marcus...
  8. knucklehead_vol

    CV Series Trucks

    We can always hope. That being said, it will never be the classic.
  9. knucklehead_vol

    CV Series Trucks Okay. Now bring back the Scout.
  10. knucklehead_vol


    Yea. As it get closer we'll figure it out.
  11. knucklehead_vol


    I probably won't have truck until March or April. Not sure I can drive it to far. We can do something in Memphis?
  12. knucklehead_vol


    Nothing? Will the Memphis group have to take on this task?
  13. knucklehead_vol


    Are there any gatherings planned for spring '19?
  14. knucklehead_vol

    6.9 or 7.3

    I'll be going to Conway in 2 weeks.