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Binder TV
  1. kevingweq

    Anyone rework a Scout II fuel gauge to work with a GM style fuel float/level

    WJ Are you sure on this , ? I always thought IH was 73-10 . Here is a couple pix of my Fastestor hooked up to some 61-68 gauges
  2. kevingweq

    Yikes! Spun Bearing....No Sierra Fall Rallye for me :(

    Certainly looks like cam bearing material , Sucks !!!
  3. kevingweq

    Kingpin replacement?

    Borgesen sells a vibration reducing /rubber damped u-joint along with complete rag joint assemblies Borgeson Universal Company :: Vibration Reducers :: Steel 3/4DD X 3/4-36 Vibration Reducers Here is their sales pitch USE THE FILTERS TO NARROW DOWN YOUR SELECTION Switch End1 and End2...
  4. kevingweq

    392 intake gaskets orientation.

    bead and numbers out, Option 2
  5. kevingweq

    Bumpers for 1200C

    Found a NOS rear bumper for my 67 1100B T-all on ebay , This was before the crazy prices went into effect , Best bet would be the LL suppliers ,could try Binder Boneyard also. Scout // Light Line Distributors, Inc.
  6. kevingweq

    Leftover piece D20

    # 28 above diagram is a lock plate ?
  7. kevingweq

    Leftover piece D20

  8. kevingweq

    Door angle ?

    Are both the garage floor and the truck chassis relatively level ? Some scout owners should be along with some input
  9. kevingweq

    Loadstar hydraulic fluid?

    Napa will have oil. Just a bit more money than tractor supply. Here is a google link to some dump body props , As you can gather from the ruggedness of the construction of the props . They have to be quite substantial , The ones I like to see are made of square steel tube , welded and pinned...
  10. kevingweq

    Loadstar hydraulic fluid?

    tractor supply has a couple offerings , I usually stick with the hydraulic/ transmission fluid .. that way I only need to stock 1 oil for machines that have a common reservoir with Hyd/trans fluid. I believe it is a touch better quality than their straight up "yeller Bucket" hydraulic oil Be...
  11. kevingweq

    See You At Harvester Homecoming

    I can't make it , But PLEASE share some pics , Have Fun !!!
  12. kevingweq

    What's It? Tuesday

    Remote start would be my guess 860 × 1024
  13. kevingweq

    Anyone bent their frame? UGHHHHH

    Did the shop where the damage took place happen to have a forklift ? Or a forklift style lift ? More pictures might reveal more clues
  14. kevingweq

    Exhaust Manifold to Flange bolts.

    Just weld a nut to the proper size bolt like pictured , drop it in from top , welded nut and bolt will turn until it hits manifold then stops ( This was on my 67 -345 manifolds)
  15. kevingweq

    1969 loadstar 1700 tranny issue

    Welcome aboard Caleb ! Pictures will help us help you
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