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  1. Kenneth Barber

    BorgWarner T-89, 18 and 19 manual transmission servicing

    Oops, meant Red Line MT-90. The old oil came out almost semi-transparent green and smooth, no teeth or metal. The gears look slightly worn if I use my imagination. I just wasn’t sure if carb cleaner would be bad in the synchros after all the talk about some of the latest additives being bad for...
  2. Kenneth Barber

    BorgWarner T-89, 18 and 19 manual transmission servicing

    So I got Lucas MT-90 oil after some research. After draining should I use carb cleaner to remove any excess junk or just refill?
  3. Kenneth Barber

    1966 800 - Power Steering/Brakes

    Pretty much no. Had the Scout been the SV8 that was an option around mid-March the steering would almost be a swap and the brake booster is a bit large to fit. In my opinion best option would be to get a Hydro boost brake system from an old Corvette and a EPAS from an old Saturn Vue. This would...
  4. Kenneth Barber

    Hard break pedal after hooking brake lines up

    Seriously consider getting high quality flare nut wrenches...I destroyed one too many fittings with the cheapo’s I had. I chased down a Snap-On truck and I think I got 2 of them. Definitely a time saver and fitting saver...worth every penny and sanity. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Kenneth Barber

    80/800 VINs wanted

    About those SE codes on the military scouts… I’m wondering if they had more to do with a “procedure” like special torques or recording of torques then it has to do with different component parts to install. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Kenneth Barber

    6 - 7 mpg? Scout 800 with 196, Holley 1904

    Economizer works when you are on a flat or slightly downhill road cruzing at speed limit...if it is bad...the engine will act like it is way too rich...fine for a bit then it kinda cuts out (literally flooding) and returns to normal after you give the throttle a tap (but not too much for the...
  7. Kenneth Barber

    6 - 7 mpg? Scout 800 with 196, Holley 1904

    Did you replace the economizer valve during the rebuild.? Can it hold a steady cruising speed smoothly or do you need to play with the throttle to keep the engine from kinda bucking. Economizer can go bad with just one carb backfire. I got nearly 18 mpg cruising at 45 mph with 4:11 gearing on...
  8. Kenneth Barber

    is it or not?

    For sure it looks like it could do some “scout’n around” in the backwoods. Maybe the windshield is Scout II? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Kenneth Barber

    Voltmeter pulses with CVR

    I just couldn’t believe that my CVR was still functioning after sitting for 15 years. Being a mechanical device, I also wonder how long it would have lasted under continuous duty for 15 years. I didn’t know what it was at first until I bench tested it with a multimeter. So on to my crazy...
  10. Kenneth Barber

    Side view camera (mirrors) vs mirrors - thoughts?

    Not sure putting magnets on iPads and cell phones are a good idea...for the electronics. Many of the small devices are tolerant, only because it is built-in, like magnetic cell phone case flaps...etc. Gonna have some time away from home and work this next week...I kind of have a knack at...
  11. Kenneth Barber

    Introducing project Wilma ('67 800)

    Definitely getting things done. It was a sigh of relief to see that old nasty bumper removed. I can now “see” Wilma. Biggest mistake I ever made as a kid 30 years ago with my 67 800...I didn’t replace the economizer valve when doing the carb rebuild because it was sold separately from the base...
  12. Kenneth Barber

    Truck has trouble starting after driving for a while.

    I learned awhile back, that when these starters are rebuilt, their are different shims installed that sets the spur gear throw distance when engaged. Depending on the technician performing the rebuild, the wrong sized shim could be installed. This is why I got my last starter from a...
  13. Kenneth Barber

    IH Parts Resource - Scouts Supply - Howard Lake, MN

    Been probably 16 years since I visited Dan and his collection when I lived in Minnesota. Looks like it has grown. His Arctic Cat collection is impressive too. He has a few Gems in there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Kenneth Barber

    Scout 800 body mounts thickness

    From reading BP forums, I got the impression that quite a few were happy with the Back Country Binder (BCB) kits...however, they have been sold out for nearly a year. The BCB kit is 1/4” higher then IHPA’s but doesn’t come with the additional lower isolator for the radiator mount. Sent from...
  15. Kenneth Barber

    Scout 800 body mounts thickness

    IHPA says that their kits match factory specs, the kit I ordered had 1/2” for the front rectangular mounting pad and 1/4” for all the other mounts. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk