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  • Also, a bit confused on the wiring of the Green motor wire. In your write up it looks like you are going directly from a 12V fused ignition to the motor via the Green wire. If so how does the switch come into play and what goes to the "B" terminal and "P" park terminal on the switch? Your post was great, I just do not fully understand vehicle electrical. Thanks for any help you can provide.
    Justutt67 - just ran across your wiper motor post. Looking to do the same thing. Can you assist me with a questions?
    Hey Justutt, I posted a ? in my thread for ya but I'll do it here too;)...I see you did the rect tube for the front mount. I copied the idea and tacked it so the floor would be flush welded to the top. Im thinking of creating flat spots for the frame mount.

    How did you meet the frame mount with your set up?...did you modify the tube or just let it rest on the bushing at a slight angle?

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