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  • Hey there! Back in June you posted you may have some spare speaker adapters for the front of a Scout II to use two 3x5" speakers. Any chance you still do? Thanks!
    BJ Miles
    I need help with the in-line prebent brake lines need to mock up the junction valve/connector for the front brakes. Saw you had the exact same issue. I have the old proportioning vavle but somehow I lost or threw away that junction box/valve that’s tees off for both front brakes. Would you mind sending me links to what you bought so I can do the same? Much appreciated.
    Hi Joe - these stickers are great. I'd love the 4th one, please!
    Jeff Sgroi
    315 Riverside Drive
    Basalt, CO 81621

    Thanks so much!
    Did you do a rear disk break conversation on a scout 2 ?
    Yes. Don't do it...Not worth it. Restore the drums with quality parts. The El Dorado calipers are pure garbage.
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