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  • the base solution is just mildly salty and may kill sensitive plants or flowers but didnt kill grass
    depending what has come off in the bath would probably determine any traces of anything questionable
    such as paint or grease
    but its not a good grease/ oil remover

    i have well water on site and would not be concerned unless lots of paint has been removed from a part
    then id just filter it thru some old shirts or rags so the paint wasnt in the water table
    but the rusty looking crud floating in my vat is just iron oxide
    no worries there
    Many thanks man, yes, it really needs something done to the paint. Although the painting P.O. may have left a textured paint job he did use a lot of decent quality stuff. Primer it and all. What I'm waiting for is the sun to bake down and peal off all of the black to reveal what I'm pretty sure is a perfectly intact original red!
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