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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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  • Yes I do it is on my desk I look at it often. Totally agree let's do it. I'm freefor three weeks. Looks like santy claus came to your house. Congrats!
    Pretty nice bumpers for the price, even for more I do not know that you could get a better bumper. Did you get my email?
    The guys name that has the orange traveler with the air brush work for the logo is mitchjohnson if you look closely at the best picture of the logo the black has been painted to look like fiberglass or kevlar. I really enjoyed Saturday, Thanks for coming.
    In the area is anywhere from Fort Smith to Joplin, I live in Siloam Springs. Shoot me an Email and we'll do lunch. so where do you work at in Rogers. My email is
    I'm new to the forum and just up the road from you in Rogers. I have a 78 Scout II. Not currently running but should be up by Feb. I've had it since 02 and got the bright idea last month for an engine rebuild........should get the engine back in this weekend and start working out the kinks. Just thought I would say hey to all the NWA scout folks
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