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Binder TV
  1. JohnOsiek

    July meet-up Over and Under Duck Club

    Hey all we are meeting this Saturday July 1st at the Holton's farm. Thanks to Mark, Dave, and Rick Jr. for allowing us to use their property. Lets try to get there a little early so we can do some trail clearing/flood clean-up, play with the trucks for a while, and maybe get some trigger time...
  2. JohnOsiek

    Nick Osiek Memorial Trail Run

    Thanks to everyone who showed up to the shindig. We all had a great time. I fell victim to a bit of damage....collapsed the air filter going through a mud hole, and have some chatter coming from the differential. Currently the old man's truck is at a transmission shop awaiting a rebuild or...
  3. JohnOsiek

    HCB Binder Bash- April 21st

    Wish I had one of my Scouts down here in Baton Rouge!!! :oops: I won't have one down here until the beginning of June. I may try to make the trip to meet a few folks though. Would love to make it to one of your club events once I have a Scout or a M1 :gunsmilie: down here. I'm still...
  4. JohnOsiek

    1951 Model 70 Freezer Excellent Condition

    Has the freezer sold yet? I live in st. louis and have a 40's-50's fridge as my beer cooler. Let me know, the GF and I are interested.
  5. JohnOsiek

    Rear axle issues...again

    Whelp...going to have to put a new axle assembly back there. Due to budget constraints, and me potentially getting a new job in the gulf I am having another Dana 44 built. I have a spare out of my Terravler, as I like to call it, from when I did my spring over. Hopefully it all buffs out...
  6. JohnOsiek

    Rear axle issues...again

    Thanks for all the help. I think that the axle may have been damaged from the heat of the initial bearing burning out. I suspect that if the axle is out of line, the axle shaft would in a sense oscillate inside the tube adding strain and wear to everything on that side, if not the whole...
  7. JohnOsiek

    Rear axle issues...again

    Truck is at Kirkwood auto, and I am awaiting to see how much of my tax return I will have to put towards the project. I will be getting a set of retainers for both of the scouts ASAP! I am damn tired of this thing coming out on me. I am certain that all shops that have worked on the Green...
  8. JohnOsiek

    Rear axle issues...again

    I seem to have a Scout II that no matter what will not keep it's driver side rear axle shaft in place. Earlier in 2009 my father and I had this issue just outside the north gate heading into Yellowstone, and then now again last night to me. I think the tubes on the axle assembly may have been...
  9. JohnOsiek

    Old Truck Trail Ride

    I have been wanting to check this place out for a while now. If I am available expect either a '77 Terra, or a '80 diesel out there with a YZ-250f in the back!
  10. JohnOsiek

    Trail run hazel creek May 7

    I am heading down there with the Terra. I won't be in until early saturday morning I think. My lady friend doesn't get out of work until 9-10pm tonight. See you all down there.
  11. JohnOsiek

    Spark Plug Issues

    I use a standard 5/8" plug socket that has the rubber "cushion" in it. That and an angled socket wrench. Usually with plugs i tighten until snug and then apply a little more torquing force to it. Not sure if it is exactly 24lbs but i assume it is rather close. I reduce the reasons to damage...
  12. JohnOsiek

    Spark Plug Issues

    it's on my '77 Traveler with a 304. I used Autolite plugs pn. 303 (I know...not the best) but now i have a full set of NGK's installed in the rig. Kinda blows my mind..found on a few other of the plugs that they were loose around the base of the insulator.
  13. JohnOsiek

    Spark Plug Issues

    Hey all i am new to this site, but my father is not. He recommended it due to some issues with my first scout. I have had some problems with spark plugs. I had one completely bust apart where the insulator meets the threads. I think it might be due to piston slap or compression issues...