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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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  • I took off the door access panel to knock out a few dents in the door and noticed that my window need some c clips to keep the window from coming free of the guide pins. Once I put new clips on I went to roll down the window but it seems as though the window (passenger) is only meant to go down half way. Anyone know if this is correct? Thanks
    I took her for a cruise up and down my road today. I got the carb to stop overflowing. After monkeying around with the float a half dozen times I looked thru the Service Manual (which showed up a few days ago) and noticed the jet port located on the bottom of the carb behind the float. I took the float assembly out and noticed that little orfice was plugged off. I cleaned that out and put it back together and she fired up. I let it idle and then couldn't resist so I backed her out and took her up and down the road. It is still leaking in the corner of the valve cover which is a bummer but I think I can fix that fairly easy. She is really loud so I need to get the exhaust done next I think. Well that or the brakes but I need to find a new master cylinder and who knows what I'll all need as far as each brake assembly goes. Well just thought I would share with ya'll that I got her going. Hopefully I can get a couple pictures up of the trip too.c
    So after changing the spark plus, wires, distributor cap and rotor, coil, valve cover gasket and battery I fired her up last night and was able to drive out of the shop and around our yard and then back into the shop. It was awesome. I still have a leak under my carb but I need to rebuild her and then I can put new gaskets in there. Too much fun I say, so that is what I've done and how it worked out.
    hey Ill be glad to grab a pic for you, is it a 4cyl or V8? Ive got one of both I can check on as for the seats Ive not got that far in an 800 yet my '66 has factory low back buckets and my '68 has a factory bench I know that CORBEAU makes new seats and Ive seen them in several other peoples builds
    Happy to hear you got some work done..

    That part is called the coil. You can clean inside there with a little wire brush or scrape with a little screwdriver. I think vinager might help break it down. I dont think coils are very expesive if it that bad....

    On a 4 cyl that would be a Holley 1904. The numbers you need will be found on the top of the carb near the little plate on the end opposite the air horn (where the air cleaner mounts).

    There should be 2 numbers stamped there. The IH part number (XXXXXXC91) and the list number (xxxx-x). They probably want the list number, and it may just be 4 digits.

    Good luck,

    Will Marsh
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