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Binder TV
  1. J

    Sd33 filters for free

    I sold my sd33t powered vehicle last year, but still have a fuel and oil filter new in box that arrived post-sale. Cover shipping or come and get it! Jason 540-209- 4871 Winchester, Va Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    '70 800A Green Machine

    Hi Jack. Wow, this is beautiful work. I'm still learning to weld, and my mechanical abilities are limited, but I see some really clean work here. I have a 89 F250 diesel , and a scout - jeep hybrid (84 cj7 paired with 80 scout axles, Diesel engine , trans, etc, fiberglass tub). It would be...
  3. J

    Scout conversion hydraulic clutch slave cylinders, OEM equivalent?

    Thats interesting about the heat, I wonder if proximity to exhaust is an issue for me, too. I have a turbo charger blowing 1200 degrees into the exhaust manifold 2 feet above this, and u can see the location of the pipe in the above images. :cornfused:
  4. J

    Scout conversion hydraulic clutch slave cylinders, OEM equivalent?

    after a catch up phone call with the mech, I've moved away, I got this part # (the guy has a computer him) My application is actually a 1984 jeep cj with scout 2 diesel engine, trans, axles (t19 trans) My slave cylinder is leaking into the skid plate, which is also the damn...
  5. J

    Scout conversion hydraulic clutch slave cylinders, OEM equivalent?

    I had this installed 3 years ago, and its failing again. I'M GOING TO CALL MY MECH TO SEE IF HE HAS the specs. I'm sure he didn't special order it.
  6. J

    engine swaps with same trans DIESEL!!!!!

    I have the sd33t , t19 close ratio, d300, in my jeep cj. I can't speak to the scout exactly, my guess is it's much heavier than my jeep. However I am running 35" tires, and with 3.92 gears. I spin 2500 rpm @ 63 mph with no problem. I have manual brakes, and no steering stabilizer, so I'm...
  7. J

    Painted my scout camo

    Wow! I really like this. More of a mural then my idea of camouflage. Very creative. Congrats on a fine job.
  8. J

    HELP! She won't crank, gear reduction solenoid?

    Check your grounds
  9. J

    Fixing up a 1980 Scout II Diesel for daily driver

    I'm driving a fiberglass Jeep cj with the 1980 scout 2 diesel drivetrain. 80 mph? holy crap. about the tach, tiny tach makes a great product, just google them. it isn't oem, but you can flush or surface mount it, and it works well, and also has a hour clock in it, for those who want to know...
  10. J

    DG Products contact

    If you mean D & C Extreme, he's been posting lately.
  11. J

    62 scout,VIDEO,can you ID the issue?

  12. J

    Happy Birthday Mike Moore!!

    Happy Birthday Mike. The Sceep thanks you. :happybday:
  13. J

    1977 scout 2 restoration

    Wow. Good looking work. I've got a glass jeep cj7 with scout diesel drivetrain. That steel work you did is purdy.