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  • Jim,
    I would like to start athread on Military trucks.
    The thread would be a "I needa part/service"
    To keep the thread from getting long I am going to ask them to edit their original message as things change or they get their answer.
    But I do not see a way for submissions to be deleted.
    I would like to start a thread in the Military truck forum.
    It is a "I needa part" thread and contributers are to be asked to edit their original message as they get a part or want to add a part to keep the thread from getting too long.
    I cannot see a method for the originator of a message to delete his message.
    Jim, I have been looking for the d-44 closed knuckle disc conversion writeup you did for the old BB newsletter. Do you happen to still have a copy?

    Are you going to Maybens for wrench day on Saturday? If so you can join us at Silverton (9:00) and we will back road it to Maybenville. You could drive or ride whichever works. Let me know.

    Hi ya Jim,, It was a good party last night and it was good to go and the wife said it was ok..Now that I have GPS on my phone I'll try to make a monthly meeting.. I finally made connection with Michael Dimerick and got rid of excess 1300, gave it to him for $100.. He seems like a good person.. Anyway I need that guys name for 190 stat 'cause I forgot it so if you could E me with his E add or jest name will work...Another thing I was wondering if we could get a site going for 1/2 3/4 1ton rigs non scout... It's difficult to find info on like Dana 70 lift kits ect. Then it may be my own lack of computer skills LOL No lol you take care

    I just posted notice of the MVPA transcontinental convoy. I think it would be worth making it a Sticky.

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