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  • Hi, I'd like to join your group.

    * Full Name: Daniel Baldwin
    * Mailing Address: 2012 Melita Ave. N.E., Grand Rapids, Mi 49505
    * Phone Number: 616-301-9686
    * Your e-mail address:
    * Your BinderBulletin username: daniel baldwin
    * IH vehicles/tractors/refrigerators/whatever owned:
    1979 Scout II, 345 auto, yellow with russet plaid interior (bought it new in 1979), (stock, from Ca.)
    1979 Scout II, 345 auto, blue with white top, (stock, also from Ca. with poly tank)
    1973 Scout II, 305 auto, red in need of paint and wax. Bought in Prescott as a project. SOA, some
    assembly required.

    * What club events/activities that would interest you:
    Ralleys, picnics or barbques, camping (I've done all the heavy off-roading I care to do).
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