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  1. jeff rotella

    Millon Dollar Travelall

    Good idea
  2. jeff rotella


    View image in gallery View image in gallery Just aired up the bags to see how they look. Progress has been slow, but steady.
  3. jeff rotella

    Millon Dollar Travelall

    Is this worth a $1,000,000 ???
  4. jeff rotella

    making a stock ih bw 4speed have overdrive If you want an overdrive. this is your best bet. I don't think you will be able to just swap the gears around to get what you are looking for. (If it was that easy we would of heard about it by now). I am thinking you will need to custom cut...
  5. jeff rotella

    "Real Steel" movie has a Sightliner in it!
  6. jeff rotella

    Floor Jacks

    Another problem with the Craftsmen jack is that it is about 1-2 inches higher than most when lowered. Not an issue with a 4x4 ,but I have had a car with a flat tire that it was too tall to roll under.
  7. jeff rotella

    Scouts passing inspection

    Around 1974 I was pulled over in Clark's Summit PA. wile visiting . I was driving a 800B with rust holes on the top of the front fenders. The cop let me go if I promised to drive straight to the hardware store to get duct tape and cover the holes.
  8. jeff rotella

    Floor Jacks A few months ago I bought this 3 ton jack set from Sears. It was on sale for $99. I figured what the heck it is a Craftsman,how bad can it be? It is pure junk. Lowering it is kind of a controled crash to the...
  9. jeff rotella

    Floor Jacks

    If you do it your self the parts don't cost much. The shop that rebuilds mine says of a $100 rebuild about $5 parts ,$45 labor, and has to add $50 to each jack repair for insurance
  10. jeff rotella


    Well I am kinda of at a crossroads here. . After getting started on this I decided to build a complete new frame and a body from the nos sheet metal I have .Rather than use the Terra I had orginally planed on repowering with the Cat.. I have come to realize no one seems to want to buy my Terra...
  11. jeff rotella

    what is a good price for a terra top

    Since a new top with a window ,glass and bulkhead goes for well over$ 1,000 it should bring that much. It depends on supply and demand. That being said ,I have bought two of them for less than $200 each. One of them came with an ayr way cap. I got a running , driving Terra for $400 with a nice top.
  12. jeff rotella

    International 1510 Brake Help!

    As much as I hate to say it ,I doubt this truck is worth fixing unless you can find the correct parts. I would not invest a lot in the m/c end of the brakes when you still have hard to find parts on the wheel ends. I think it might be better to swap in axles from a modern truck. Around here...
  13. jeff rotella

    Chevy D44 rebuild questions
  14. jeff rotella


    Not much of an update, but I did find some more nos body parts. I got a new passenger door ,both front fenders, a hood and a tailgate from Scout pluss. I still need a driver's door and winshield frame and I will have enough parts for a complete new body. I also just got a rear slider window for...
  15. jeff rotella

    Terra Top Rear Slider Window Back Glass?

    I found one in the BP part ads a little while ago . It is still in the box. I can get you the name of the maker and part number if you want it I don't think they still make them.