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  • I am in Mississippi. My name is Scotty Wallace. I have a 1947 IH KB2 Produce truck with a " Green Diamond" 214 engine. I am needing a fuel pump ( offsetting mount holes) for this engine. I am hoping you can help. Thank you in advance.
    This is Mark Pietz up in Foresthill. Haven't spoken in a long while. Couple of things. If you are ever up this way, I have a perfect hood for a '75 T'all/pup you can have just to take it away. Although I no longer have IH stuff, I have been tinkering with my '66 Corvair turbo coupe and have it running. I've adapted a crank-fire 90s Ford EDIS system to it powered by a MegaJolt Jr. ignition module (check it out online). Waaay cool and if I still had my Scout or T'all, I'd definitely do this to it. Easily customized ignition curve and eliminate the problems of a distributor (you throw it away!). I have pix of my installation. HOT spark, no timing scatter, super easy to program. I have a small lathe and machined an adaptor ring to mount the trigger wheel to the back of a harmonic balancer. You could almost do this in your sleep. Most of the parts would be cheap at PicnPull.
    I checked out your page and it great to see that quality products are being offered for the IH!
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Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group