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  1. JasonR.

    newest seat and door panel,pillow back

    Looks great!
  2. JasonR.

    Who's going to RMIHR?

    Getting to all of the shows sometimes present logistical challenges, but I don't want that to inhibit supporting the community. As for RMIHR this year, ..... we were at home, with a new 40#, 14 week old puppy, that we could neither bring with nor leave at home. Lame, perhaps, but we decided...
  3. JasonR.

    SD33t Parts

    Chris - I'm interested in the AC parts. In particular, do you still have the Condenser or duct assembly in good condition?
  4. JasonR.

    1210 '73 hubcap needed

    I think I have some 'driver quality' versions. Send me PM if you're still looking.
  5. JasonR.

    Spring eye and hanger bushings

    x2 on Mark's install method. A little WD40 or PB Blaster helps as well.
  6. JasonR.

    Upper Rad Hose Revisted

    I think I have one of the prototype hoses that Eldon had created. I know he spoke about it recently at Nats (I wasn't there, but saw it on BP Youtube Channel). If I can locate mine, I will try to research getting some additional samples made. Hopefully, Eldon or Mark G can comment here based on...
  7. JasonR.

    Saved one from the scrapman!

    Good find Nick.
  8. JasonR.

    The "SCOUT BOOK" is done!

    BOOOOO!!! C'mon Jim ;-)
  9. JasonR.

    Email with pics sent. Let me know what you think.

    Email with pics sent. Let me know what you think.
  10. JasonR.

    Fuel Filter Tubes (hoses)

    So far the above mentioned Nissan part numbers from the MT-130 parts catalog are no longer valid. Trying to validate the correct/new numbers right now.
  11. JasonR.

    Fuel Filter Tubes (hoses)

    Does anyone have a source for the SD33/t fuel filter hoses? IH P/N: 478545C1......Nissan P/N: 16817 90506 IH P/N: 478546C1......Nissan P/N: 16817 90717 I can have a set made, but would prefer an OEM solution. Has anyone here come across these recently? Thanks, Jason
  12. JasonR.

    Super adventure road trip parts.

    Second all of the above (esp. ignition parts), and if you have room, a water pump.
  13. JasonR.

    Bad deal for Darren (Michigan Scout)

    Horrible, but glad everyone is safe. Keep us posted Dennis and thanks for passing the word around.
  14. JasonR.


    I like my puke brown rig. Here's the Sportstar...