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Binder TV
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  • Hi Jason,
    Sorry, I am still learning how to use the new BP web interface. Regarding the "Scout II blue dash pad" want ad, yes, I am very interested in what you have. Ideally looking for one with no to few cracks. If you wouldn't mind taking a few pics, that would be great.
    Thanks! Andy
    I am new to the community, bought a '79 345 SII from a guy down in Poteau, OK. I am the 3rd owner, supposedly the original owner was a cowboy down in SA, Texas who named the truck "Poncho" and had it painted on each door. Just a little background, my question based on the research from several forum searches is: Can you help me figure out my original color? I just received my line setting ticket but honestly have no idea what or where to look. Here is what I can decipher: Sierra Tan Trim Package, Deluxe interior trim package (no color), PT3 Paint Instr no 101SC and PT4 5907 GR Single 3545907. Again any help would be a great help in trying to stay original!
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