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  1. Jack H

    '70 800A Green Machine

    Jamie, I used a steering box from a 1980 scout II, and no I wasnt able to use the stock scout 800 holes. You will need to beef up the frame and drill new holes for the scout II box. Where are you in N Idaho? I went to school at U of I. -Jack
  2. Jack H

    SR2 Build

    Anytime man! I lifted the body off the frame about 2 inches (just used 2x4's all around). The extra space makes the work a lot easier, also, I would go back in with all new body bushings and hardware. As far as hours to do the repair, it will vary a lot. It depends on how bad the area is...
  3. Jack H

    SR2 Build

    On the rear bed sides, likely, if you look in the rear of the wheel well, where the hole for the outermost body mounts are, that is probably all rusted up and has lost its support. I think that's why the bed support rails are "digging" into the bed side. I had to make the same repairs. Its...
  4. Jack H

    brand new Scout 800/a/b V8 "V" fender emblems

    Dan, I just want to say that I appreciate what you're doing in making items like this. I've purchased the 800 steering column seal and love it. Keep at it! -Jack
  5. Jack H

    How important are the bed ribs on a new floor?

    FWIW Here is pic of what I did. Is it perfect, no, but it does give a fair amount of rigidity as was easy to build and install. I used 16GA steel with 3/16 stiffners stitch welded along the bottom and 1/8 x2 angle on the side. All seams were filled with seam sealer. The only problem I have...
  6. Jack H

    Scout 800 Seat Bucket Base Relocation?

    I haven't had to do what you're doing. But I can share some pics that MAY help you. Here's a side shot of the transfer case bump out on the passenger side. As far as seat bases go, think down the road as to what seats you want. If you want aftermarket seats (with a high back for safety) you...
  7. Jack H

    '70 800A Green Machine

    Well, got quite a bit of work done in the last few weeks. Got the new motor mounts in, finished the cut and turn on the front, set at 5 degrees then repainted. Replaced the inner axle seals while I was at it. New poly bushings on the front springs and frame. Got the steering column and new...
  8. Jack H

    S800 Original Column Install (Gap?)

    I think that is normal, there are some springs in there that will push that out. I had the same deal with mine, it tightens up when the steering wheel and nut are tightened, and pulls the inner column up, if that makes sense. With the nut and steering wheel off, the column will slip out...
  9. Jack H

    Blade connector info for Scout 800/a/b backup light harness

    Jerry, they kinda look like Packard 56 connectors. They have them on Amazon, although I've been able to get them at a local parts store.
  10. Jack H

    Scout 800 Courtesy Bulb PN?

    I'll share my experiences, although slightly different. I was having issues with the chinsey little switch on the courtesy light on my 800A. I took the housing apart and installed a few 25mmx18mm flat LED, like these...
  11. Jack H

    '71 800B Rebuild - Jello Shot - Project #2

    Nice work! Good job on the build and congrats on the calendar. Maybe I missed it reading through, but what did you end up using to glue down your dash pad? Thanks, Jack
  12. Jack H

    '70 800A Green Machine

    More work, got the interior done, seats and center console back in - added 2 USB ports in the center console for the iphone. Got the dash back on and recovered the dash pad, but I'm still waiting on the column from Summit before I button everything inside back up. So, I decided to move to the...
  13. Jack H

    800a steerng column

    Here's a pic of the bracket behind the dash. The upper arrow is a bracket that attaches to the inner-firewall, the middle arrow shows a u-shaped piece that is sandwiched, and the bottom arrow is a bracket that is attached to the dash. The bottom (dash mounted one) has a locating pin that locks...
  14. Jack H

    Need some metal

    Just saw this on a facebook IH group. Sounds like you may be able to get it here.
  15. Jack H

    HELP, Need some advice on aftermarket gauges

    I used AutoMeter gauges. They have pretty good quality gauges are a reasonably priced. Also, something to consider if you're getting new gauges is if you want to keep your mechanical speedo or upgrade to elec or GPS. I went with the elec speedo/tach...