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  1. j_burton

    My 70 Scout 800

    It runs and drives pretty good! After the axle swap I could run 60 mph pretty easy. When I get around to doing my drive train swap it will be awesome! More power and going to a 5 speed from the 3 speed! So I am excited to get it done, but its probably going to be a bit!
  2. j_burton

    1961 scout 80 build

    Cool! I live about 30 miles from Sidney Ne. Good luck on the rest of the build!
  3. j_burton

    My 70 Scout 800

    I will have to get some... It looks pretty much like it did in the last pictures haha. I had gotten a 258 block that I tore down and was going to rebuild with a 4.0 head and MPFI. But then I stumbled across a low miled early 4.0 backed with an AX15 trans, so I purchased it and am just trying...
  4. j_burton

    Swapping Scout 2 Master Cylinder into a '69 800A

    I cant remember for certain, but I am running a Scout 2 MC on my 800... I just made new lines from the MC to the prop valve, and I think I also had to extend the activation rod for the MC. But as far as functionality it works great, I was thinking of adding boosted brakes of some sort but...
  5. j_burton

    My 70 Scout 800

    Wow I really fell off the wagon on this thing! Haven't done much to the old girl for a while! But I'm starting to get back into the mood. Also starting to work on my sons 1974 Scout II! Hope all is well with everyone! and I will try and get this project back on track soon!
  6. j_burton

    '67 Scout 800 Build

    Dang!!! Looking good! I haven't been on here for a few years haha! Keep up the good work!
  7. j_burton

    Rebuilding A 68 Scout 800

    You can also find a 304 International and use it, from my understanding they are a lot easier to get parts for. Good luck with the build, and congrats on the Scout.
  8. j_burton

    72 Scout II Restoration

    I really like the upholstery on your seats that looks great! Keep up the good work!
  9. j_burton

    Update: Alternator Parasitic Drain

    There are usually markings on the 2 terminals on the alternator and either the 1 or I should be the wire that is only hot with the ignition.
  10. j_burton

    International v-8 to a stock scout 80

    One would think that would be the case but I have seen several engines with my own eyes drive into my shop with a little miss or maybe a tick and come to find out the crank is broken. I had a Kubota engine in a Bobcat skidsteer that was running fine the guy was complaining of an oil leak near...
  11. j_burton

    International v-8 to a stock scout 80

    Here you go check this out. I guess I should have read better I thought this was a running engine unless there was another that I looked at before.
  12. j_burton

    International v-8 to a stock scout 80

    There is a guy on Craigslist here in CO that has a 196 for super cheap, was supposed to be a running engine, I will see if I can find the link for you.
  13. j_burton

    Tilt Steering Column for a Scout 800

    Awesome thanks for the response! Do you have any pictures of your install?
  14. j_burton

    Tilt Steering Column for a Scout 800

    Thanks for the info Jerry, I have found a lot of Hot Rod style columns that are floor shift and keyless. That's what I was planning on going with but there are a million different types and lengths of them, so I didn't know what length would work the best.
  15. j_burton

    Tilt Steering Column for a Scout 800

    Hello, just looking for an opinion from anyone who has installed a tilt column into an 800. I have found plenty of columns that could be made to work and I probably just need to do some measuring to see which one would work the best, but wanted some input from others. So if you have done this...