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2024 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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  • The picture shown, looks like you collect every thing you can find, I have 15 scout II's and a1210 4 wheel, there are alot of scouts around here, mostly dead, cause people dont understand international, you know
    I have a 79 Scout II and need a few things really. At this moment I need a left rear quarter panel and a lift gate. Later on I will need a set of sliding rear windows. What do you think?
    Hey J.J.
    I am thinking that you own a Sno Star correct? I am currently looking at one, which is in pretty rough shape. Needs a new tub, engine, trans...lots a rust work. What was the engine they put in these?
    Saw your post on the SII part out...what kinda condition is the steering box. If decent, how much? I would need it shipped to 77042. I need to do an update on my 80.
    JJ, if you’re willing to ship, can you send some pics of the tail gate? How much are you looking for it?
    What's the price for the top? Is it from a '66? Think mine is a '65. Was there a change in the front mount after '65?? Thanks, Joe.
    Hey I wondered if you have a cab for a 74. Also looking for a bed & tailgate for a 70. The bed is going on a dually. I want to try and put dually fenders on it off a 80's dodge, and will need to trim the wheelwell opening. And looking for a winch bumper for the 1300 4x4 for a pto winch. Thanks, jon
    Hi Jeff J - I got your post/email on taillight housing. Yes, I am interested if you can help me! The one the other gentleman has is in no better condition than mine. Plus I need two. And yes, Junction is right down the road from me. I'm in Basalt, about an hour and a half away.
    Thanks for you help - much appreciated on whatever you can up with!
    Hey J.J.

    How much were you asking for the headlight bezels?
    Joseph F.P. Harty
    Joseph F.P. Harty
    Joseph F.P. Harty This 71 year old veteran just finished total stock rebuild of my 1973 Scout II which has the 232 AMC inline six , but can't find a wiring diagram, did not add nor cut -out anything for my baby:) But the wiring diagram would help, even if only for the lights. So need wiring diagram 1973 International Scout II with 232,258, 304 AMC motor would be the same.
    Does it still have the heater cable fan switch? I need one and I need a tapered D44 axle from a centered diff.

    Thanks Chuck
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