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  • Paul,

    Thanks mucho... we'll look into a shop that can do the analysis. But if after about, oh, two hours of searching, we can't find one, then we'll just start leaning it out until we lose power.

    Thanks again,

    Hey Scott,

    Byron bay is about 1000 miles from here up the east coast, drove through there once, its hippie's ville much to the dismay of the true locals.

    As for the propane 392, adjustment is really simple, timing needs to be around 10 degrees BTDC, the idle screw is a screw with a large slot in it, basically lean that until the engine stumbles, the open it up a little until it runs smooth, the cruise mixture it on the main vapour inlet of the 425 mixer, you will need either spend a fair bit of time driving it, leaning it off until you start to lose power, or you could put the truck on an exhaust gas analyser and have the mixtures set, at idle the CO reading should be set at 2% and at cruise it should be 0.5% (probably 2500 rpm) if you want to modify the spark advance curve then you need more advance sooner, but i have not had the need to modify a distributor yet in a low comp industrial type engine.

    good luck Paul
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