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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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  • I'm currently rebuilding a 67 800 that I picked up this past summer for a buck. It runs but I want to make her a beaut again. I was wondering if you could take a couple pictures under your hood for me. I have a green wire on the drivers side of the engine compartment I can't seem to find where it goes. It doesn't go to the coil, in fact it's about 6-10 inches past their. Do you know of any other vehicle seats that fit nicely into a 67 as my bench seat will need to be replaced. Thanks for any help.
    Been good I didn't think you had gottenit. I was seeing if you wanted to get together over the holiday, I was is Little Rock. I was also asking to see if you had a set of seats and seat bases for a scout II. How was your turkey day?
    I will not be able to make it to Nationals I am sorry I have tried everything I can think of and I am out of options.
    Hey, ihscoutmatt
    Glad to be on your freinds list! Nice list of Scouts you have. Any particular one more favored over the others?
    You might not remember me but Im old 53yo with all the dumb questions I quess in the Tech. forum. I have the 76 scout II with the 4" lift, new body bushing, 2" body lift. Got my 33x12.50x25 swampers today and Im scared they arent going to flex up in the fenders.
    Damn Matt you sure this pic wasnt taken in N.C? Looks like my part of the country. LOL
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