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    CVI driving lights

    Does anyone have a CVI conversion with the driving lights that they installed still intact? I'm wondering if there's any brand or P/N visible on them. I'm going to need a set for a restoration and need to know what to look for. Thanks, Jerry
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    1980 Midas Traveler

    The '1st' would normally say '1st move'. All the Midas LSTs I've had or seen say that. My CVI said something like '1st move CVI...' My '79 Scout II LST says '1st move TSPC' because it went there (I think) for the custom stripes.
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    2 into 1 exhaust setup

    I don't know about the specific muffler you're using, but be sure about the internal design. I've run into mufflers marketed as performance parts that have 2-1/2" inlet and exit, but the internal piping is stepped down to 2" or 2-1/4". The whole "back pressure for low end torque" concept has...
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    5 speed transmission???

    About 10 years ago I got about 90% complete on a design to mount a Jeep Dana 300 behind these 5-speeds in a Scout II, but never followed through with it because a) the machine work was going to be crazy expensive, and b) these things are way to heavy for a Scout II. They weren't common factory...
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    Anyone seen the new Better Homes & Gardens?

    '78 Scout II owned by DD Allen on p. 35. Is she a member here?
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    Midas SSII

    Something that should be clarified in the interest of avoiding bad information being spouted as truth in the future because someone found it on the web... Midas conversions were done by Midas, NOT Van American. Van American, Midas, and CVI were separate conversion companies. CVI (Custom...
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    '69-'75 Travelall cargo space?

    I have 10" polyurethane tired wheels--the fat gray ones. They'll roll over rocks without skidding like hard rubber tires and they cushion pretty well. Pneumatic tires roll smoother, but if you get off balance on stairs with them, they don't always recover well.
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    '69-'75 Travelall cargo space?

    $30K still buys a really nice harp. New concert grands, whether it's Lyon & Healy or Salvi, range from about $14K to $80K. There's comes a point when you're just paying for gold least that's my non-expert opinion. My daughter is playing a Lyon & Healy rental. We'll be making a...
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    '69-'75 Travelall cargo space?

    There are cases for them, but they're typically used for shipping or institutional storage. Typically it's transported in a heavily padded canvas cover. I have 4 Midas captains chairs I've been thinking about selling, but I'll probably keep them for this purpose. Quick release floor mounts...
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    '69-'75 Travelall cargo space?

    Just to clarify, height clearance doesn't matter at all. The harp is 73" tall, but it's transported laying flat on it's side with pillows supporting 3 points. The 73" column lays diagonally across the floor. Barn doors make loading easier because I can stand closer to the final loaded...
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    '69-'75 Travelall cargo space?

    My worst case towing scenario would be a car trailer with a Scout or small tractor on it. Too much for a Safari or Astro. Right now we use a 12-passenger E350 from work. With the two back seats removed there's room to spare and there's still seating for 5 people if needed. We only need...
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    '69-'75 Travelall cargo space?

    Looks like it's going to be tight if it works at all. What's the width behind the wheel wells? Did the Travelall ever come with a split rear bench? Does the floor under the rear seat lend itself to mounting a pair of bucket seats? How rare is the rear barn door option? That would be a lot...
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    '69-'75 Travelall cargo space?

    Can someone give me measurements for width between the wheel wells and length from the rear seat back to the inside of the tailgate? We're looking for a vehicle to haul the three of us along with our daughter's harp. We had been considering a daily driver for my wife that would get descent...
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    Which GM Tilt column interchanges with IH?

    I sent you a PM last night with an offer for one. As for GM columns, IIRC the Vega column was a direct interchange. I don't know how easy it is to find a tilt column in a Vega. There aren't many Vegas at all left around here.
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    Bending Aluminum w/o a Brake

    Galvanic corrosion will definitely be a factor at the fasteners and for this application I can't think of a good way to prevent it. It will also be a factor anywhere the straps get scratched followed by exposure to moisture and salt. The other issue that hasn't been brought up is fatigue...