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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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  • Question that you MIGHT be able to help with. Maybe. Got a project over in SkunkWerks (CLASSIFIED 6X6) that MIGHT(!) see 6.9 power. Found one in pieces for cheap but supposed to all be there...just needs a rebuild (half the work already done since it's apart). If I decide it's worth trying to stuff that monstrosity in an 80//800 engine bay. Being it's IH will the T18 bolt right up?
    Hi I'm new to the forum and have a 80 scout ii diesel. The engine gave up its ghost so I'm looking to do a 7.3 conversation. I was wondering if you can tell me of any gotchas. Did you have to modify the steering or tunnel. I'm looking to put a zf or NV Trans in it.
    Lee name is gerry i am a scout enthusiast in the market for one,found one on website and spoke to the seller in MD but was sold. he mentioned that a "young fella" from PA looked at his scout could not remember your name but knew you were PA and thought your father or uncle had been a dealer at one point and had several old scouts in inventory. feel free to call/text me on cell 201-220-6232
    Just a comment about your popping Scout II. Have you check the camshaft for flat lobes? I would start by looking at the exhaust valve of the cylinder that had the bent pushrod. It maybe difficult to see valve movement just by turning the engine over by the starter do to lifter bleed-down. Typically you'll need at close to 0.200" of lifter movement or over 0.200" of valve movement. Or you could just start pulling lifters and looking to see what the lobe looks like.
    Also about the carb. If you mainly drive this on the street. The Holley Truck Avenger series is a poor choice. Power will be down, and fuel economy isn't as good as the plain vanilla Holley's. They run rich out of the box and have no high speed air-bleeds to regulate the upper rpm A/F ratios.
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