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    Great Stuff travelall

    I the original service manual has the specs on the thickness of the body mounts bushings ( if I can find it again) I post it .
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    1310 Questions for the D series Folks...

    One other thing if it still has the split rims on it & want non split rims u will have to find ford or dodge coined rims so they will seat on the drums.
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    1310 Questions for the D series Folks...

    Something to keep in mind the 1310 dually will have the greasable shackles & bushing on front & rear . the 1310 front springs will be narrower in width than the 1210 leafs (I think it’s a 1/2 or inch narrow )u will have to cut the rivets off & use the hangers off the 1310 & put them on the...
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    Canyonero: 1974 Wagonmaster 200-4x4-392-4spd

    And JJ is right probably military wm with the dot 5 brake fluid sticker
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    Canyonero: 1974 Wagonmaster 200-4x4-392-4spd

    As JJ said I have 74 us army wm 392 4speed 4x4 on your start issue I would put a ford solenoid on for a start & it's cheap . I would leave the axles u have & get the brake adapters from Dan Noll & use a dodge rotor on the front . Also would u to look at your fan shroad & motor mounts as I have...
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    Crockett is it possible to sent me some more pics of your scout for sale u know the good bad &...

    Crockett is it possible to sent me some more pics of your scout for sale u know the good bad & ugly? I can probably help on axles
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    Rocker Panels

    JJ The only thing I think you will find (at lease with the ones I have saved) is when you get the rocker off .The front edge( like the first 3 inches) of the rocker where it meets the fender & the door post the factory use some kind of body caulk or bondo to seal it up (2 inch glob) it will...
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    Steering Column Question - 69-73 D Series Pickup

    Make sure you get a smaller steering wheel , i have owned two 75 D series w tilt and the steering wheel tilted all the way down hangs on your thighs. only good for getting in & out of truck.I also think a early gen Camero or firebird would work also corvette.
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    TVB Trading Post

    1980 scout ll Turbo diesel scout great runner daily driver, $4500.00 Pm me here can email pics Thanks Mark
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    New member, new owner

    Great looking truck saw it on save your yourself alot of crawling around under it if you read the line set ticket its the build sheet it will tell you everything the truck came with originally. great truck.
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    New member w/ couple (Vacuum line?) related questions on 69 1200d

    Welcome to the madness, I use the 2303 manual on my 69 1200D .there should be a multiple vacuum tree coming off the intake manifold at the back.There is a vacuum can mounted on the fire wall that runs inside for the vacuum heater doors .your booster should come directly off the intake...
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    dseries front stabilizer bar

    Talk to Jeff Jackson he added one to his 150 there is a write on here. Cheers
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    The Wedding Binder

    Tyler, Keep up the good work! looks like your coming along nicely look forward to seeing it put back together.
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    Window Regulator for '70 IH

    Sylvia, Welcome !Most of the D series trucks I have that have had window regulator problems.Generally were related to the felt(or lack there of) in the vent channel & the phillip head screw that holds the vent window channel in place. Most of time the regulator is good generally needing just...
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    Scout II Carpet - Avoid SMS Auto Fabrics

    Derrick, Nice to know there is another Alabama boy close! Mark
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