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Recent content by Howard Pletcher

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    800 w/ Unique Body

    Here's a picture that Crismon had in his "International Trucks" book. The hoses seem to indicate hydraulic drive of the conveyor
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    Transmission & T-case color?

    A chassis picture in the Scout Encyclopedia shows the transmission and T/C black like the frame and axles. Granted, this one may have been specially painted for the photo, but I think that's probably accurate.
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    IH Emblem I have not seen before

    Anything you want it to be!
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    What happened to my lights?

    Headlights are the only thing that goes thru the dimmer switch and they work so not that.
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    Under front seat drawer storage for Scout II

    For storage, I cut a door in the outer side of the base and stuff chains and other things in that way. It could be a drawer, but that would take more fabricating.
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    Oddball may be able to find one. Depending on your use, the governor may not be necessary.
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    Center diff axle with passenger drop tcase question

    The T-19 became the optional 4 speed in 1976.
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    4WD driveshaft/diff rotation direction

    Running on the coast side isn't as weak as some make it sound. In Michigan, there is a European style road rallye run through the backwoods for about 1000 miles. In about 1970, a couple of IH engineers entered a Scout (an Aristocrat no less) in the event with a professional rally driver...
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    4WD driveshaft/diff rotation direction

    It's hard to visualize in your head. If you can find a toy with a working axle so you can see what happens when you turn the axle backwards, it becomes much clearer. Even a parts drawing like this can help you see it as you picture it going in both directions. The front and rear are identical...
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    232/258 manufacturer

    I'll suggest it perhaps was an intentional misprint--a red herring. In big trucks, everyone expected vendor engines and they were listed as such. It was even somewhat of a sales feature. But since the days of the Waukesha engines and some other special large engines like Hall Scotts, IH built...
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    Lst Locations

    The Navistar dealer in Lethbridge, AB does a sizeable business in old parts. Their website is, but send an inquiry for what you need as he has lots of sources.
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    Lst Locations

    I don't think you can apply where Springfield put them on US trucks to what Chatham might have done. The location wasn't something specified in the specs so where the LST went was up to the plant and it varied as they chose. And until the 1970s, tahe Canadian operation was a separate...
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    Two LST questions

    I see you got it done, but if you need a jpg again and it will be a cleaner jpg--
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    VW Buys Navistar International

    To clarify, there were definite reliability problems with the inline 6 engines. The intercoolers necessary to keep cylinder temps down were a major failure item. Navistar lost at least one major lawsuit over the problems customers had. With the Powerstroke engines, many of the problems seen...
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    VW Buys Navistar International

    Navistar and Scout Light Line strongly objected to the use for the UTV when it was announced, but eventually backed off rather than pursuing it to court. The use on the UTV in a different market vs. using it on a SUV which Ford proposed is a different situation and I'm not sure how that would...