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    IHC Inline 6 Discussion Group

    seems like i remember hearing that 6 cyl engines are the only naturally balanced configuration (dont need the balancer) way back in engineering school. If everything lines up, chances are you dont need it.
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    Clutch question 69 Scout

    if i remember correctly, look at the fly wheel, if you can see threaded holes, you have the smaller size clutch, if you cant see em, then you have the larger size clutch...
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    Weekend Report 2-4/5

    looks pretty solid! dont know what your plans are, but if your truck will see any rain or be outside much, i would build a cowl vent cover. I pulled the cowl vent off, then used the screen to trace out a piece of thin gauge sheet metal. When I put the cowl cover back on, i put the sheet metal...
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    51 l-110 what is this part?

    one side should be plugged, otherside should have a pcv valve then to the port on the valve cover.
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    Hot Start Issues AGAIN??

    scoutboy74, that could be, it looks different that the hot air choke I have had on my previous scouts, and mightly similar to the electric choke on modern edlebrock 14** series carbs.
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    Hot Start Issues AGAIN??

    looks like an electric choke is also on the carb? but i dont see any wires. I suspect someone has made a few alterations along the way.
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    Hot Start Issues AGAIN??

    also if you stomp the pedal 3 times prior to starting the engine hot, you are flooding the snot out of it. It should start at the turn of the key without any gas pedal action when hot. Check your oil, if you are flooding the engine on a regular basis, chances are the oil is contaminated...
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    Hot Start Issues AGAIN??

    sounds to me like a bad automatic choke. I wouldnt press the gas pedal before a hot start. Take the air cleaner off before you do a hot start, see if the choke is closed.
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    Interesting IH Photos

    ^dealership is long gone, but they kept the dozer. They fixed up the building and now a publishing company lives there.
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    6v pos gnd vs 12v neg gnd

    what are you using for an ignition system? Original points condenser coil system may need some mods if going from 6 to 12 V. I imagine all the bulbs and signal relays need to be changed?
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    IHC Inline 6 Discussion Group

    power steering, power brakes, and radial tires are the best upgrade you can make. If you upgrade to those 3 things, then you will have a serviceable around town work truck. Speaking from a lot of personal experience, navigating lowes and home depot parking lots without power steering and power...
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    IHC Inline 6 Discussion Group

    i had a 67 full size pick up that i used to use for work. It had the bg 241 with a 3 speed. I would haul 1-2000 lbs in the bed on a fairly regular basis. If this will really be a work truck, make sure you get a truck with 4 forward gears, especially for driving in town. I never had any...
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    SEBA Garage sale ,For sale, Wanted or Free to good home

    Antique jacobsen push mower, probly late 50s early 60s vintage. Runs, but needs a tune up and air filter to put back into regular service. All original, good canidate for restoration. Asking $100, would like to see it go to a good home. 17/42 craftsman riding mower (late 90s). Good 17 hp...
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    Upper Radiator Hoses for D Series Pickups

    or just cut the 90 off the old radiator and use a short straight section of hose and 2 clamps to turn your straight section into an extended 90. Hard pipe sections were pretty common on older trucks (pre 40s) when they only had straight sections of hose available and used metal pipe to make bends.
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    stock or at least looking radio

    ebay search for a kenwood 2 shaft radio. Kenwood was the last reputable company to make a shaft mount radio, i put a new one in my scout back in 2002? I don't think they are made any more, but you can pick up a used one for a hundred bucks.