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  1. H

    Southwick today!!!!!!!!

    I know its short notice, but the offroad truck races are today at Southwick Mass. Start at noon. I'll have my Scout there. Hank.
  2. H

    Looking for a scout

    Try Ray Powel, East Coast Scouts in Raobeth MA. Just over the RI line. Hank.
  3. H

    Scout on "Trucks TV" !!!!!

    I was just eating my lunch watching Spike TV, when they anounced that Trucks would be hosted next week by two new guys instead of Stacy. One of the new hosts has a built Scout!!!!!!!!!!
  4. H

    Electric Fuel Pump in 800 Install Question

    Does anyone know if a mech. fuel blokoff plate is avaiable? Installing FI and doing awy with old pump. Hank.
  5. H

    Electronic Dist inc DUI isnt reliable!!

    Bite The Bullet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. H

    Opinions on soa, what springs?

    :d :d :d :d
  7. H

    Opinions on soa, what springs?

    Need some input on what springs to use on my 79 Scout II. Going to SOA and D+C R/S and long travel shock system. Don't know if I should go old stock springs or new Rancho (2 1/2"lift) or Skyjacker (2" lift). Is anyone running any of these setups? Ths concensus on Pirate is to go to a 2 1/2" wide...
  8. H

    Happy birthday Christ!

    Not tech, but I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and just say thanks for all your help and info over the years. Hank. :D
  9. H

    Check this out

    You could finance it! The payment would only be $3126 per month! Hank. :D
  10. H

    Scout II stock leaf springs available?

    Those look like aftermarket lift springs to me. Hank.
  11. H

    fix or find new tub?

    After totally rebuilding a tub myself (took 3 years!) I'd say find another tub! Its a ton of work, $, Time. And it may not come out that good, when you start cutting a body apart and welding new parts on, things will want to move out of square. Unless your a body man, its hard to keep it all...
  12. H

    Scout II stock leaf springs available?

    Thanks Tom, any other sources?
  13. H

    Scout II stock leaf springs available?

    Getting ready to do a spring over this winter, does anyone manufacture an off the shelf set of stock Scout II springs? Thanks Hank.
  14. H

    Madd electronics web site?

    Thanks Guys! Hank.
  15. H

    Madd electronics web site?

    Anyone know what the madd electronics web site is? Thanks Hank.