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  • I didn't get your message untill today .. Tire says 17.5 but if I ship this whole it will get high$$$... I'll check up on it this coming weak and I work next to a tire shop and I'll let you know by Tuesday
    Hal, can you get a price for shipment of the wheel to 73064 zip? I'd really like to have a fifth, and it seems even better if the tire on it is in decent shape (for a spare)! If you can come up with a price for shipping, let me know, and if it is not too steep, I can send you a postal money order if it is agreeable to you? Thanks, Kyle.

    It is tough for me to justify having someone I don't know, or who has no known reputation for building a 392. The last time I had someone build a 345 motor, it ended up in desput and I just don't want to experience that again. Nothing against you abilities to perform such a task, but I will have to pass on your offer. PER out of Portland will rebuild my motor for $2,000+ and I will have a warranty.

    Thanks for your intrest in attempting to help me figure out my situation.


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