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  1. gwinter1129

    Selling 1970 Scout Aristocrat 800A, disassembled For those of you who remember my husband, Greg Winter ... this was the 2nd Scout he started working on before he died last year. I hope to find it a good home, with someone else who loved Scouts as much as...
  2. gwinter1129

    Need to sell dismantled 1970 800A Aristocrat Scout

    I'm sure a lot of you remember my husband, Gregory Winter. He was on here all the time and nearly finished his cherry red 1971 Scout before he died on June 8th. He was retired Army. He was also in the process of doing another 1970 Scout Aristocrat 800B. It is dismantled, labeled, and many...
  3. gwinter1129

    71 800B Driver and Passenger Body Bushings

    I have a '70 and '71. Both only have 1 in the floor pan. My are located where your top bolt is in your second picture.
  4. gwinter1129

    Scout 800 A dash decal

    Phil, they do a great job and the turn around time, well there is no time. They made custom labels for the toggle switches on my dash, in custom colors. They're a custom shop so they can't show everything they can do. I sent them a list of things I wanted, the size and color. I had my stuff...
  5. gwinter1129

    Picking up my first IH Scout

    Welcome, looks like that rig will kick up some dirt!
  6. gwinter1129

    Ft. Benning, Ga. is this your's ? S2 soft top w/cage

    Yeah, to say the least. Definitely cares about it though.
  7. gwinter1129

    Eugene member own this rig?

    My son and girlfriend went to Eugene, OR yesterday. His girlfriend skates in roller derby, yeah that's right she can take him best out of 3 falls. Anyway he was out driving around while she was practicing (rehearsing more like it). Don't tell her I said that she could take me 3 for 3, and...
  8. gwinter1129

    Scout 302 build

    drkohlipk, thanks for the pics. Really like the homemade "patina" on that paint job. You're doing the right thing, throwing out suggestions and ideas and letting the forum pick it apart, give you pros and cons and sharing their experience with the same idea. Saved me a lot of time and money
  9. gwinter1129

    74 scout tub swap plus

    Good looking rig Jeff. It has a great stance.
  10. gwinter1129

    3rd party calipers for rear Scout 2 Dana 44 disc brake(s)

    Wow, here's a chance to really show my ignorance. I've never heard of a transfer case EB, drive line EB, etc. Is this a good time for others to strut their stuff? Maybe some members can submit some pics of their handy work. Jerry, I installed the same disc brake system you did about 3 years...
  11. gwinter1129

    Scout 302 build

    Drkohlipk, everyone just jumped right on the subject. Let me then be the first to welcome you to the madness. As you have already noticed, tons of opinions, help and advice. You mentioned "kids"; since you failed to include photos in your thread (please don't let that happen again) I am...
  12. gwinter1129

    NOS Scout 80 Rear Seat!

    Is it for sale? Great find Gary, next pics of it mounted
  13. gwinter1129

    This is unrestored? Wacky!

    My dad in law use to work for Gates. He could trade in his company car once he put enough miles on it. He wanted the new car so he would disconnect the speedometer cable and hook it up to an electric motor and let it run day and night to build up the miles. If I remember right he could get...
  14. gwinter1129

    Clutch linkage question

    Good call Dana, on both counts. I'll work those issues tomorrow and for you maybe slap a little grease on it.
  15. gwinter1129

    Clutch linkage question

    These are pics of the clutch linkage on my '71 Scout 800b. I haven't test driven it yet but would like to know if this is the proper setup. I'd rather get it right while it sets in the shop as opposed to while I'm heading down the road.
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