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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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    1967 Scout 800 fuel pump

    So i have a 1967 Scout, the fuel pump seems to be shot. leaking, wont start. So i was thing of trying an electric fuel pump something like below. and leaving the old one to run the wipers and the vacuum tubes. thoughts...
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    Scout 800 rear end noise

    I have found the problem. i believe, or at least a problem. The pinion shaft lock pin has dropped out. The "pin" is a screw. (see pic) with out the pin shaft would flod abound. there are a few dinged gears but nothing major. Should this be a roll pic? this dose not seem like this is the...
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    Scout 800 rear end noise

    The plan. i'm going to change the Pinion Bearing, cup and seal. Hopfuly that will fix it
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    Scout 800 rear end noise

    It was there be fore. It only dose it when it is under load. Whole I'm on the gas. Not coasting.
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    Scout 800 rear end noise

    I replaced the u joint whin I changed a gasket.
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    Scout 800 rear end noise

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    Scout 800 rear end noise

    My 1967 Scout 800 has a lound hum when you get around 50 miles an hour. is is only when im on the gas. Any ideas of what it could be. comes from the Rear end middle. it is a dana 27. below is a link to a video of the issue. hard to hear it but its there...
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    800 Sagging Doors

    I have a 1967 Scout 800. i bought new hinges, put them on. first problem. The door opening is now 3/4 of an inch to small. i'm hoping i can put a jack in there and open it up. The problem is due the my body work i'm sure. Next, the door still had a huge sag in it. way low. Is there...
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    what kind of crazy hazing ritual is this?

    my 1967 ih Scout 800 has lef handers in the front driverside.
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    67 Scout 800 Holley carb 1904

    Any idea on the best place for a rebuild kit? the right one?
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    67 Scout 800 Holley carb 1904

    here are some pics to help. it seems to be leaking around the "fuel bowl" plan on rebuilding it. i think...
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    67 Scout 800 Holley carb 1904

    if i have a 1967 Scout 800, 4 clyd . 4wd. it has a holley Carb, is it most likly a 1904?
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    Scout 800 Knob question ?

    So, i have a 1967 Scout 800. Starting to get thinks working. But i'm not sure what a knob dose. The far right hand knob has a "F" on it and twist to the right, it is heat/defrost (and it works!) beside that is a knob that is out about a inch, it twists to the right. and snaps back. not sure if...
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    Scout 800 Dash Bezels

    you can buy those at Lowe's. in hardware, where all the drawers full of odd size screws are.
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    New master cylinder--brakes locked up

    I had a ton of problems till i got the right Master cylinder. What year and model?