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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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    Let's see your bumpers!

    Looks great! Nice work.
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    Front Axle needed

    Any luck? I'm guessing you checked the battery already. You can pull the starter off and test it by itself, you just need to ground it to the engine block.
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    New Guy

    Welcome back! Was beginning to wonder what happened to you.:clap:
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    Front Axle needed

    Shoot, I just noticed your updates here. The tank looks great. Glad to see it's going to a good cause! Gary
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    Lunch and Tour of our Shop...

    Thanks for the tour Kim, cool stuff! :yes:
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    Lunch and Tour of our Shop...

    I'm in! See you at mighty fine. :beer: -gary
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    Just google NextEngine Kim. What they have is a desk top 3-D laser scanner for $3k that they claim is as good as some $25k scanners. I wouldn't mind checking out that 3-D printer sometime. -gary
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    For those hard to find IH parts check this out:
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    decisions.. rebuild the 304 or swap out the 345

    Had the same delimma here as well. My 304 was locked up. I tore it down and found it had spun a bearing. It looked to be pretty clean and in reasonable shape otherwise but would need a rebuild, at least rings and bearings. I've opted to go with a 345 in unknown condition and hope for the best...
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    Engine Stand Issue

    Been there, done that! :cornfused: Check this thread for some pictures and how to's:
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    new mini memeber

    Congratulations on the new addition!:beer:
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    Well there'll be a couple of us meeting at Rudy's on 183 this Friday at 11:30 if anyone wants to join us. :beer: -gary
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    Anyone interested in meeting for lunch this week in north Austin area? I'm open for Wednesday or Friday? Rudy's on 183? -gary
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    I have V304A parts if anyone needs them.

    Kevin, They're still available if you want 'em. By the way I might need to borrow your transmission jack to pull the tranny from my 800. what do you think? gary