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  1. gmbarker78

    1973 Travelette 1210 Build

    Awesome truck JJ. :punk: A service bed is on the short list for mine. I love the look of a D with a service bed.
  2. gmbarker78

    SEBA Garage sale ,For sale, Wanted or Free to good home

    Sorry for the delay. They aren't horrible but I didn't look them over really well either. They were still there two weeks ago.
  3. gmbarker78

    SEBA Garage sale ,For sale, Wanted or Free to good home

    For some reason I purchased three early Scout (80/800 not even sure which, assuming 800) tops without thinking too much about it. I'd rate them to be in fair shape from the one brief look I had of them. They are located in Newton, NC still. I'll take my money back just so I don't have to deal...
  4. gmbarker78

    13th Annual Winter Meet and Greet January 20th 2018

    Lizzy and I have it on our schedule! Looking forward to it. Sadly, I'm one of those that rarely checks in here.
  5. gmbarker78

    Project 200 - War Wagon

    Is that a tall boy in the koozie? :beer:
  6. gmbarker78

    Roadkill - 2nd edition

    Currently, I think there is a whole crew of us with "plans" for wheeling rigs. Maybe we should all join forces and combine all of them into one.
  7. gmbarker78

    SEBA vs. Ever-changing Technology

    The main reason I'm not as active on the BP is due to my workload and lack of time to actually log on and sort through threads. I agree with JJ that the BP is typically where I go to retrieve archived IH related data though. I've had a FB account for a number of years but recently got into IG. I...
  8. gmbarker78

    11th Annual Winter Meet and Greet (January 23, 2016)

    I had planned to haul the fiberglass Scout down that way an back-haul a couple bundles of wood, which I have now decided against. If we get much accumulation I'll need to be around to help Lizzy with the horses. If you pick up JJ I'll come along for the party though!
  9. gmbarker78

    11th Annual Winter Meet and Greet (January 23, 2016)

    I may be out depending on what the weather ends up doing here. The snow forecast keeps fluctuating, so we will see what happens.
  10. gmbarker78

    11th Annual Winter Meet and Greet (January 23, 2016)

    I plan to make an appearance as well, not sure if the wife can swing it though.
  11. gmbarker78

    All Comanche Scouts "Where Are You?"

    This may be of interest.
  12. gmbarker78

    The Saga Continues

    This is the best powder coating job that I've ever seen. :thumbs up:
  13. gmbarker78

    Johnnie Reb Shop Truck

    I'm glad to see you taking over this thread Jared. I'm happy to see the truck stay in the club. Also looking forward to what you have in store for it.
  14. gmbarker78

    GRC open house 2015

    Had a good time myself. It's was nice too actually make an event this year.
  15. gmbarker78

    SR-3 for sale.. only 18k

    It looks like a pretty clean truck though. If it's solid then the price isn't that far off.