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George Yingst
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  • Hi George! Left a reply on the Select O Matic parts, the coil that opens the valve to shift is completely fried, and from my understanding yours doesn’t run? If that coil is in there, Along with the magic button knob, I’ll pay any amount you want, I don’t know if I’ll ever see someone with it again, it’s absolutely mind blowing to me, please let me know if you’re willing! Would die to have them
    Actually it is an FAB259 engine. Came out of a K7 military dump I parted years ago but was not the original engine. It is the same family as the blue diamond but is a forerunner of it. I put it in another KB7, ran it a little, and parked it long ago. It did smoke a little so would really need some attention but is a runner. Not sure if that is something you would be interested in or if you want an actual blue diamond.
    Hello George. I am interested in discussing the Blue Diamond engine, when you have a moment-
    All the best-
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2022 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
2022 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous