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    The IH fridge watch Forum

    Won't cost you much of anything on electricity. You probably won't even notice that much of a change. These things only draw about 2.3 amps compared to modern fridges that draw 4-5 amps. It's the self-defrosting cycles that chew up the electricity, and yours doesn't have that feature. As...
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    Lets see your IH Refridgerator

    Link on eBay from someone selling parts to what looks like a 1948 or 1949 IH Frdige...........
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    The IH fridge watch Forum

    Yet, another eBay auction that was posted from someone selling parts off of what looks like a 1950 IH fridge. Hopefully, someone can use them..........
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    The IH fridge watch Forum

    Here is a link to an eBay auction that someone just posted selling parts from what looks like a 1948 or 1949 IH Fridge. Hopefully, someone can use the parts from it............
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    ISO: Shelves

    ISO qty=2 IH Refrigerator Shelves. Style as shown in attached photos:
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    Looking for 2 refrigerator shelves for IH Refrigerator. The IH Part Number for the shelves is: 414 045 R2 These shelves fit various 1952 and 1953 model fridges.
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    The IH fridge watch Forum

    Model 70 IH Freezer
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    The IH fridge watch Forum

    A few more posted recently on CraigsList:
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    The IH fridge watch Forum

    I have the IH parts manuals for all IH refrigerators. I can scan in a picture of what the interior looks like. It might help you locate the missing pieces. Send me a PM if interested.
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    Refrigerator Parts

    Looking for a Light Cover and Clip Assembly (clip has 5 "legs" that slips over the light bulb). Does anyone have a spare to sell?
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    The IH fridge watch Forum

    Another Fridge posted on CraigsList. This one is located in Oklahoma City. I'll try to post links as I find them.
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    The IH fridge watch Forum

    Here is an IH Fridge for sale in the Omaha area on CraigsList:
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