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Gary Billings
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  • Gary, I would like to send a message to you only... how do I do that? I have a question about your 4cyl to 8cyl frame conversion.
    Gary, your pinion seal replacement pictorial posted way back in 2002 inspired me to make an attempt on my own. I have a 76 Scout II V8 345. I am a novice "wrench-er" and that's being kind. There isn't enough clearance between the yolk bolts and differential casing for my socket. Did you use a standard 1/2 box wrench to remove those 4 yolk bolts?
    Hi Gary. Enjoy your posts. I am restoring a 71 Scout 800A and I'm looking for a Passenger end cap. I have both quarter panels off and My pass endcap is a lost cause to save. Would you happen to have one? or one that has a good bottom half? Any help in tracking one down would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi Gary,
    I'm looking for a passenger side water cooling tube for a 304 with a T-39. It's the one with the "Y" tube coming off for the BW11 heat exchanger.

    Hello Gary, I've enjoyed a bunch of your posts and builds. I have a '67 Scout, also a 800a body with no title. The body is amazingly clean. Wondering if you might have a chassis with title for my body, or maybe you could use the body? I'm in Colorado Springs area. Let me know if you'd like to chat about it. Joel
    I bought a scout frame that seems to be a 1969 based on the serial number on the frame G381500. Everything about it says that it is a 4 cylinder based on your post to shot the differences in the 2 frames except it has v8 motor mounts. If I were to do a v8 swap would the motor mounts be located in the right place even though it's a 4 cylinder frame. Thanks Simon.
    Gary Billings
    Gary Billings
    The 4-cyl frames are different than the v8 ones but can be modified to wouldn't be easy though.
    Hey Gary.
    It's been a while. How ya been? My 800 finally went down on me for the last time about a year and half ago. I think its a timing issue, no matter. Im looking at finally swapping in the 345 I've had lying around. My question is, will my fly wheel and clutch from my 266/3 sp work with the 345?
    Thanks a bunch
    Mr. Billings,
    I need your expertise on buying a 1966 Travelette 1200. Long story short, took the wife to Nationals and she fell in love with Travelettes. Found one in Seattle, but my knowledge is limited on these trucks. Email me at and we can exchange phone numbers there, because I would rather talk over the phone especially with the questions I have.
    Thank you,
    Hi Gary Jason Burton said to contact you about disc brake conversion for my 70 800a. I have heard about mid 70's Chevy pick up conversion but don't know what parts to take off if I find one. Is there any place that will have parts list and step by step pictures of conversion?
    Thanks Jay "Sparky"
    Now all we need are cheaper fixes for doors (especially the door skins) and cheap fixes to convert the lower vac wiper motors to an electric motor behind the 800 dash/below the window!
    I've read of a good replacement marine motor with supposedly fits but the little sucker is around $200(+) :(

    72 SII
    70 800
    70 800 short cab
    Thanks so much for the "how to install a cheap gas cap method"!!! I love it. Very helpful and I'm going to definitely do it to at least one of my 800s. It is unfortunate I already bought a replacement hose for $80ish but I'll ebay it and go to the wrecking yard for the parts you described! I especially am sick of the dribble of gas out the filler hole and your method will undoubtably fix that problem. Thanks again, Dan
    Hey Gary,

    The Scout in your Avatar how's that set up? Tires and lift? I've got 33's on mine and I'm thinking about jumping up to 35's and changing the the gears. And what axles are under it.

    Gary kurt sent me an email back and said that he had changed the carb over for a 345 before it shipped it out so according to him he changed it for me and its on the way. I hate to bother you but I may be calling on you for a little advise when it gets here. Like I said...this carb stuff throws me for some reason and I quess its because Ive always had it done and never messed with them myself so this will be my first. Well doing honey do today..painting a bed and bath room!!! Id rather be walking chicken houses. LOL
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Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group