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Binder TV
  1. Fuelsmech

    Made it

    so I finally got all situated in macon and fired up the scout. My rear driveshaft is lost somewhere in the garage so I popped it in 4H and used her to drag a 10 person hot tub and a mini barn over to the firepit to scrap. She did beautifully. Really need to go FI though. I'm getting tired of...
  2. Fuelsmech

    Can Gauges be Disassembled?

    I've done it. I don't think they are supposed to come apart but it did without breaking it.
  3. Fuelsmech

    Steering ?

    On my 79 Scout II I have the problem of every once in a while the power steering doesn't work for turning right. Turning left will be fine but there's no juice for turning right. I've pulled the gear box out but don't want to rebuild it if I don't have to. (it took 6 months to save enough for...
  4. Fuelsmech

    I've got a fever....
  5. Fuelsmech

    Scout II soft top

    A few years ago I made a Bikini top for my 800. Just a flat steel bar for the frame, a couple yards of leather/rubberish material from walmart and some lanyards. Turned out really nice with only a few hours of work. And if even kept the rain off me.
  6. Fuelsmech

    scout II tranfer case ?

    Pics would help. The motor should be marked close to the alternator if it's a 304 or 345. The 79s did come with the 727(all the scouts i've owned had the 727). and depends on transfer case. I could be wrong but I think the Dana 300 was a factory option in 79 but more than likely it's a Dana...
  7. Fuelsmech

    Win a free BINDER PLANET T Shirt

    Medium New Mexico
  8. Fuelsmech

    Scout freebies!

    pulled up the 5 floormats in my 74 and found a hatchet. behind the dash was an antique christmas ornament. and in my 79 i found a brand new drop pitman arm.
  9. Fuelsmech

    Scout/IH truck Sightings

    On the next episode of Burn Notice there's gonna be a scout II. I saw it on a preview. You can only see if for a couple seconds but it's definitely a scout.
  10. Fuelsmech

    Any chance to get Albuquerque Binder owners together for a meet?

    Hey guys, sorry I missed the meet. My wife just had our baby on the 9th and I've been working saving up to go on leave this week. I'll be back around july 10th. BTW I'm heading back home to Ohio, if anybody needs anything from around that area let me know and I'll see if I can pick it up.
  11. Fuelsmech

    Any chance to get Albuquerque Binder owners together for a meet?

    Too bad I couldnt stay longer. I had a good time. maybe next time it won't be so cold and windy.
  12. Fuelsmech

    Any chance to get Albuquerque Binder owners together for a meet?

    Los Lunas would work for me. I don't got much of a budget to put gas in the scout. We could also do a Binder swap meet. I know I have lots of parts i'm not using.
  13. Fuelsmech

    International block heater

    Here it is. Anybody interested in it. I have no need for it.
  14. Fuelsmech

    Emblems repainted

    I decided to repaint a spare set of scout emblems. What do you think?
  15. Fuelsmech

    International block heater

    I was pulling apart my 74 and I already knew it had a block heater installed on it. but when I finally got the block heater off and cleaned up I noticed it's an IH part. Did IH make block heaters for scouts? I'll post pics of it in a bit.