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  1. fredsterra

    seat replacement ?

    Jeff is in PA. I had him recover a set for my 78 terra a little over a year ago and he did a great job!!! In my Bride's Scout we found a good pair out of a Land Rover Discovery for $25 at a pull a part. And another $75 to have both bottoms recovered. Then some fab work to make them fit the stock...
  2. fredsterra

    IH 345 Combine

    I cant imagine how much gas that thing would use! We had a gas engine 815 that my Dad bought on special for a cheap rental unit at our dealership. It didn't even make it thru one wheat crop until it burned to the ground. Needless to say that was the end of us selling or renting V8 gas engine...
  3. fredsterra

    Scout II window cranks

    Super Scout has an aftermarket replacement the works. It is actually for the S-Series as far as looks go. But works just fine.
  4. fredsterra

    Flame or Feather Appliqué on '76-77 Scouts

    Always loved the "feather decal" My Dad had a 76 demo unit Traveler that was pewter metallic and white top with the feather pkg. But since it was a diesel auto and 3.07 ratio he only drove it a few weeks. And made IH take all of the first diesel Scout back. Then he had a white 77 he let me pick...
  5. fredsterra

    Stupid cooling system question!

    That is a Phillips Zero Start tank heater. They work great as long as they have coolant. Without they will burn up pretty easy. Normally piped in thru the heater hose and the block. Since it would be a waste to send hot coolant into the radiator. We used to have a 2500watt on a 350 Diesel C10...
  6. fredsterra

    Help Identifying a Loadstar and motor

    Defiantly a gas (SV) engine. Most likely a 304 or 345. Could be a 266 but thoughtful. Year could be anything from early 60's to mid 70's the butterfly hood was a Loadstar option until the end of production. The PTO would be an aftermarket install. Most likely a single gear Chelsea but could be...
  7. fredsterra

    Throttle pedal travel and vehicle performance

    One thing I have noticed on mine. 345 (392 sq bore intake) and 1406 Edelbrock carb with LoCar accelerator cable kit. I used a piece of thin wall 1x1 square tubing and drilled to match my accelerator pedal mount.. Much improved overall performance and doesn't feel like i am always pushing the...
  8. fredsterra

    Rally stripes

    ScoutCo Products has the 76-77 78-79 and the 1980 style available. Or can do them in a making material if you prefer to paint them. Along with most any decal stock or custom you would want. And some of the best people you will ever deal with!
  9. fredsterra

    Tires for a 68 1100C

    I had a 67 and put P235-75r15's on it. At the time I had a fleet of F-150's using that size. So good used tires were easy to come by. Only issue was they would rub just a bit in a sharp turn.
  10. fredsterra

    10mpg about right? 3/4 ton V8 awd auto

    Sounds about right, if not a little to the good! My Brother In Law had a 76 K20 Chevy with a 400, turbo 400 trans and 4.10 ratio. Until he put lock out hubs on the front he would get 8 mpg regardless. After the hubs he got 10 mpg regardless! We used to tease him and say he could drain the...
  11. fredsterra

    Terra rear window and D Series rear window.....

    IMO: I would go with the sliding back glass. I think The Scout Connection still has a few left? But with the windows open along with the rear glass going down the road is great in a terra! And since you have summer 10 months a year! Hardly a need for AC in a Terra set up this way. As long as...
  12. fredsterra

    Fan clutch, yay or nay?

    If you are building an off road trail truck then I would go direct drive with a lightweight fan. For a highway/daily driver or general use. Then fan clutch all the way. My brides Scout had a direct drive when we got it. And always very loud! put the viscus fan drive on and made a huge difference...
  13. fredsterra

    Swapping 404 for a 345

    Depending on how much you use the truck? A 345 is a good motor. A 392 would be better for a Loadstar but if it's a weekend chore truck the 345 is fine. If you could find one a 7.3 turbo (not powerstroke) would be a fairly easy replacement. Since IH/Navistar used the MV404/446 castings to make...
  14. fredsterra

    Quick Question About ‘19 Scout Nationals

    Bruce is an OTR Owner Operator and is on the road this week. I'm sure he will get back to you very soon.
  15. fredsterra

    Quick Question About ‘19 Scout Nationals

    Normally they are recorded. Get with or PM Bruce Shealy I'm sure he can tell you how to get a copy. He is normally the one driving around in JG's Scout with a VIP sticker on the windshield! LOL!!
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