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2022 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
Fred Demmon
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  • Fred can we have a meet up at walking stick brewery or catty corner ice house or American legion on alba RD. My scout drives but is not inspected yet so I can drive far.

    We could have a meet up at my house across the street from walking stick right by American legion park.
    Fred - I see you are the pres. of GC Binders. I am having some engine issues on my 73 Scout. It's gotten to where I'd like to get a mechanic involved to take a look and help out. I hear that Texas Scouts is not a trusted option. Any recs on a good mechanic who knows his way around Scouts? I am in SW Houston area, and would need to get my 73 towed to the mechanic's garage. Thanks in advance.
    Hello Fred, I noticed you commented in the thread about Texas Scouts. I was thinking of taking my Scout there for work but have been trying to research the company. Do you have any feedback you can share? Thanks John
    Fred Demmon
    Fred Demmon
    Paul has burned a lot of people
    Ask anyone in HCB-GCB-NTB about Paul
    3 question you should ask
    1. Why is it only Paul post on his FB page, many people were making replys that made him look bad and he blocked comments
    2. Why ist he is always loosing his help
    Have heard rumors but don't know for sure.
    3. Why has he been banned for life from the 2 most frequented IH boards
    Fred Demmon
    Fred Demmon
    Read "Stephanie's Scout" on BP and you will understand
    He ripped her off for in excess of 10k over 3+ years and she never got her scout. Had to take him to court to get some of her money back
    Hey Fred

    Awhile back (well, last year, OK?) you said you had an engine hoist I could borrow for a bit.

    I'm planning on moving the Scout outta the garage one weekend (how soon? very soon. maybe.), yanking the engine, and setting up engine on my new engine stand in the newly-emptied garage.

    Is the engine hoist offer still open? Perhaps we could do a Club wrench day?

    Fred, hey my name is doug and i live in friendswood. Was wondering do you ever go to the small car show at home depot at 518and dixie. Dont know many binders around the area, and it looks like were in the same type of business.
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