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    newbi from Cen California

    Cool...someone else in Fresno. I'm south of Dakota off Maple. I'll send you a private email with my phone number. Give me a call and we can get together sometime. I'd love to see your rig and compare notes.
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    Charging The A/C On my 74 SII

    I have always charged my own A/C on my newer model cars. I have also done several conversions from R-12 to R-134A with nu hiccups... Need help from someone with experience converting Scout A/C. First - I need to figure out which is the low pressure side. I know that usually the low side is...
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    1976 Scout 2 - Putting On Headers???

    Please pardon my ignorance but I am just getting familiar with the IH 345 engine. Isn't there a chamber that runs between the exhaust and intake on the 345? I believe it has a "flapper" (for lack of a better word) that opens when the engine is cold to let warm air into the intake manifold...
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    [B]Rust Solution???[/B]

    Anybody know of anything to stop rust in it's tracks? I have the typical rust problems (rocker panels ect...) and while I'm not concerned about looks right now, I would like to keep it from rusting further. Any help is appreciated!!!
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    Do you use lead substitute in a 74 Scout II?

    I just picked up a 74 Scout II with a 345. When I pulled into the gas station the other day it occured to me that I might should use leaded gas. I checked the owners manual and it clearly says use leaded gas. However, I asked a couple of binder buddies about it and they say it doesn't matter as...
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    New 71 Scout II Owner in CA Doesn't have a clue!

    I just picked up a 71 Scout II with a 304 and a manual tranny. I don't know #%$^&* about this thing but I've always wanted to own a binder and finally talked my wife into it. If there is anyone that has a similiar rig, I would love to talk to you. I'm interested in knowing what parts are...