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Binder TV
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    SSII inserts

    Got a new fiberglass set from scout pluss in canada for $500 plus shipping
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    TVB Club Roster

    Call Doug Scott. He has a shop just east of Nashville. Has access to all the parts and has been working on just ih stuff since the 80's. 615-286-2121.
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    Anyone willing to check a local Scout out for me?

    My neighbor use to own it. Has a ton of bondo in it. Use to be a trail rig. He sold it to another neighbor that let it sit outside with no top on it for most of the summer. Definitely not worth what they are asking.
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    Sunday May 3 Mt Juliet TN

    Maybe. Is that the one in middle of mt juliet or the one by publix?
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    TVB Spring "Meat and Greet"

    At this moment I think I'm going to have to work. I have a huge landscape job I have to get installed and it's not suppose to rain. Maybe next time. Corey
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    Fall TVB Get Together?

    K. So is it going to be a late lunch or early dinner so I can plan for my kiddo's. See you sat.
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    Fall TVB Get Together?

    Here is my email address Need to know what to bring and what time it starts.
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    Fall TVB Get Together?

    No but it will be fully insulated by then.
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    Fall TVB Get Together?

    Just a suggestion and not trying to take anything away from J.J. Hosting but I'm pretty much central location from everyone. Just off 840 in gladeville. I have plenty of room and a ton of kid stuff (play set, blow up jumpes, toys, ect. If it is bad weather I have 40x60 shop to hang out in. Talk...
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    Parts Scouts...

    Do you still have the ralley steering wheel? Interested if you do.
2022 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
Binder TV