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2023 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
Eric VanBuren
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  • Sir, I saw your article in Curbside classic and sought you out. I bought a 1972 IH 1510 Dump truck and have a driver bringing it to me from Nevada. Driver tells me that pressing the brake is affecting the idle, at one point causing a stall. Does the model have any known issues relating to the brake systems that link by vacuum or other process to carburetor issues? Dane
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    Hi Daniel,
    I'm new to the forum, and I think I have a MS 1510 ( MS for multi-stop ). Mine locked up one time when I got stuck behind a delivery truck idling. Strangest thing. The brakes released once the engine cooled off. Probably Vacuum related. Sounds to me like you have a leak in your bake diaphram. I had to have mine rebuilt a few years ago. It's done well since.
    I have a 1976 international loadstar binder. I am at my wits end I am having voltage problems with the ignition system. I am getting 12.6 volts on the starter with the key on but when I bump it I am only getting 10.2 volts and only have 10 volts coming out on the ignition switch on the ignition side what could it be
    Hey Eric, question out of curiousity. You seem very knowledgable on different EFI systems, is it your profession?

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