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  1. Enginerd

    pyro, boost gauge, and a tach.

    I read this thread and recalled a similar one from 7 years ago:
  2. Enginerd

    Do I want to buy this? Let me start by saying I know zip about farm equipment. I have a couple of old Bolens garden tractors, but this is outside of my comfort zone. After scouring the net, it looks like an IH 3444. Don't know the hours, but it's a clean...
  3. Enginerd

    anyone have a scout for sale??

    Mine is on ebay with no reserve.
  4. Enginerd

    Interesting SD33 NA application

    Good point. My dad sent me the link. He had a pair of military Power Wagons when I was growing up, and he had toyed with the idea or repowering them with a diesel. As a result, I've always had a fondness for old Dodge military trucks. And since the first truck I drove when I got my license was...
  5. Enginerd

    Interesting SD33 NA application

    "this truck really gets up and moves!" Please forgive me if I find that hard to believe :)
  6. Enginerd

    Dissappoint MPG

    First, I would perform the free intake modification of drilling large holes in the air filter housing. That might help a little bit. The exhaust mods are expensive, but well worth the money. After I added an EE, 3" pipe, and MB housing, it was a whole different truck. You will love the...
  7. Enginerd

    Ever hear of aquygen?!!!!!!

    I found a post which talks about why it is utter bs. The first page is good but then it degrades into an argument about LED lighting. Go figure.
  8. Enginerd

    What battery sd33

    Group 31 Check out the Diesel Talk faq
  9. Enginerd

    1977 Terra newly rescued

    Congrats on the purchase. I looked at that truck on ebay, but it was a long way away from me (NY) How much smoke is a lot? I have never seen a non-turbo start up, but the turbos sure can clear out the mosquitoes quickly. It's probably not an issue, as long as you are not leaving a thick cloud...
  10. Enginerd

    Caliper Frozen to "slide"

    And you would be correct. In fact, you don't even have to drive the truck to destroy the little pieces of aluminum that fit into the slots on the spindle. Mounting the hubs is all it takes to trash them. ...sigh... So now I need the spindle nuts and the pieces that mate with them. In the mean...
  11. Enginerd

    Caliper Frozen to "slide"

    I've called several local parts stores, and nobody carries spindle nuts (hex or otherwise). Does anyone know where I get a set?
  12. Enginerd

    Caliper Frozen to "slide"

    I figured that was too easy. Yes, they are the Warn-built IH Lock-O-Matics, and yes, I installed them with the dual hex nuts. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Enginerd

    Caliper Frozen to "slide"

    After soaking in PB Blast for a week, using a pneumatic chisel to break the "rust bond", and beating the tar out of the keys with a big hammer, I got them off. The spring on the passengers side came out in pieces, so I picked up a new hardware kit too. Then just as I'm ready to install the...
  14. Enginerd

    Caliper Frozen to "slide"

  15. Enginerd

    Caliper Frozen to "slide"

    Thanks for the advice, and to Matt for the pic. I have some Moly grease, so I'll use that. Also goo advice on the pad seating. I sure hope I don't need to get out the Wiz Wheel. If I do, can I still order those keys and springs from a regular parts store? I hate having to deal with them. When...
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