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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. engenuityinc

    FS/Free: 727, 800 Rim, Snoway Plow Frame, Bumper, etc.

    Hey guys, I sold my Traveler which was my last Scout. Trying to clean up the odds and ends. I have posted my custom plow frame in the classifieds. Its absolutely fantastic if you plow seriously, so you can hang a full sized Sno Way blade on your truck. Posting here as well as local is going...
  2. engenuityinc

    Cured Edelbrock fuel boil!!

    I do have a phenolic. I never had vapor lock till that day, just the hard start which I was thinking was leaking fuel pump or bad fuel line, etc. The edelbrock has the one piece bowl, but damned if it wasn't always dry, or acting that way, if it sat. all i know is i am FOR SURE getting better...
  3. engenuityinc

    Cured Edelbrock fuel boil!!

    Well, this has been an ongoing deal since I have had this truck (6 years?). I was never happy with the holley 2 bbl, flooded bad offroad. So I got a motorcraft 2 bbl which ran better, better response, it was the big one and made good power. The choke was an issue as it had the stove style, and I...
  4. engenuityinc

    '69 800 on ebay now.

    I can deliver for cost of gas in New England area. Posted to classifieds.
  5. engenuityinc

    69 800 For Sale, Frame off done

    Due to lots of questions via email, I am adding the following detail. I have a 6meg zip file of photos I can send out as well if you email me. New wiring harness and fuse block New stewart warner gauges New ignition box New coil New plug wires New alternator New fuel pump New starter...
  6. engenuityinc

    69 800 For Sale, Frame off done

    Hey guys, Going to post in classifieds, but since its not a driver, seems to make sense to put it up here in the local forum. I have a 69 that I got a while back from a guy who had started a frame off resto. He got it all done, up to the body. He was not able to do bodywork and so the...
  7. engenuityinc

    North East Roll Call

    I made it over a while ago but never got around to hitting the local list. I dont work on my rig too much these days! woohoo! so I dont come by as much. I did pick up a 68 800 that I will be tipping into, or selling off. I just got the traveler out of the garage for summer (was...
  8. engenuityinc

    Spraying Herculiner

    Hi, I will warn you - I did the same thing. Looked liked great coverage. HOWEVER - if there are ANY pinholes in the coating water will GET UNDER IT and you will never know it till the whole coating peels off and the metal is totally gone. A small hole down to paint lets water in, but works...
  9. engenuityinc

    backlash too tight?

    that is sort of how I felt. I got it to where I wanted it, and then brought it in the get checked by a local guy who does alot of axles. He thought we should add 3 to tighten the preload, and we had to put it on one side or another, so he thought err on tight, as it will all settle in...
  10. engenuityinc

    Renewing Subscription PayPal link not working!!!

    me three, no red dot near my name, its embarrassing!
  11. engenuityinc

    backlash too tight?

    so i brought my axle into a shop to have it checked after i set it up. i posted yesterday in another thread. well, i was patterned great ans had 6 thou backlash. he thought i should be tighter on the bench so it would be in spec after break in so we added a 3 thou shim and then we had 3 thou...
  12. engenuityinc

    Check a gear pattern for me

    So, I did the +0 to +4 thing the wrong way. I added 4 thou. Whoopsie. I have pulled it a couple more times, removing a few thou. I got it to 40 thou, which is equivalent to a +5 pinion (my new one is a plus 4). Then I doubled checked the chart and see that I had done it backwards initially...
  13. engenuityinc

    Check a gear pattern for me

    If the pinion is too deep, you must mean INTO the ring gear? If I take out .003 it will be even deeper into THE HOUSING, which is how I guess I think about it, with the whole pinion marking, etc. This is a +4, I took out a +0, and when I had the +4 shims in there (.049) it was really high...
  14. engenuityinc

    Check a gear pattern for me

    Right, I did things in that order. I will be having the mechanic dude check backlash wednesday with the proper dial, and just check the pattern in real life, etc. J
  15. engenuityinc

    Check a gear pattern for me

    Hi guys - I am setting up a lightly used set of 4.10 thick gears in my D44. This is my first time doing this. I dont have any "instruments" so I found zero carrier preload by shoving to one side, no pinion installed, and sticking shim packs in the space between carrier and housing...