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  1. edstarnes

    Traveler 4bt build

    I will throw this out there for what it is worth: Scouts don't fit well on the rented trailers. DOn't know if you have one, but the biggest one that I rented when I moved to TN barely held the Scout. It was a short wheel base. The mounted tire slings that go over the tires will not fit over a...
  2. edstarnes

    Project "Green Monster"

    I recommend that you run a heavier Gage wire. You can replace that circuit on the board without a lot of effort. If you want to keep the stock board, you can replace the components for that circuit with something heavier. Either that or you can replace the entire wiring with an after market kit.
  3. edstarnes

    In the spirit of the LL Bean thread

    It looks like a Photoshop job. Might have been something in the background they did not want or maybe some glare. It looks like the entire top of the windshield frame is missing. Might have just been my computer...
  4. edstarnes

    Happy Birthday Levi!!!

    Sorry it's late, but Happy Birthday!
  5. edstarnes

    Transmission swap question.

    It's not that it is too much trouble, but it was the proverbial string on the sweater. I changed the shifter, trans, trans mount, flexplate, flex spacer, and carb linkage. It also required the changing of the front drive shaft. The 727 is about 2" longer than the BW. The shift pattern is...
  6. edstarnes

    Transmission swap question.

    Just to tack on to what Stu said, I recently did a swap from the BW trans to the 727. There is a lot more to it than just swapping out. I had to replace everything down to the shifter. Nothing transferred over. All in all, it might have been easier to fix the BW. Probably cheaper as well.
  7. edstarnes

    Traveler 4bt build

    That is the one. I think it was angry that it has not gotten the attention that other rigs have over the past year or so. Kinda like Christine (Stephen King movie where the car gets jealous and starts killing people off)...but being an IH, it doesn't have the same giddyup as a hotrod...
  8. edstarnes

    Life is short.

    I am very happy you got out OK. I am glad yesterdays conversation was not our last! Do be careful...
  9. edstarnes

    1971 810/Scout II

    I leveled the body on the Scout yesterday. It is a temporary fix. I have entirely too many shims in there. I need longer bolts and some extra hands. A little background: I had some body work done pre-Levi. It was terrible. Guy screwed me out of a bunch of money and gave me nothing in...
  10. edstarnes

    1971 810/Scout II

    It's been a while since I posted up. I have a couple of things in the works. I am going to level out the body and see if I can get the doors to shut right. I am also working on a replacement shifter cover. I don't like the plastic one and I hear they are hard to find in good enough condition...
  11. edstarnes

    Its alive!!

    Have you checked the vacuum advance for a leak? If there is a hole in the diaphragm, it will throw a monkey wrench in your system. If there is no hole in the diaphragm and vacuum advance is working properly, I would check to make sure you are connected to the appropriate vacuum port. I am not...
  12. edstarnes

    Scout II Hardtop

    I got mine for $180.00 and the guy loaded it up for me. I would beat the bushes a little harder for a better price or see what you can dicker him down to.
  13. edstarnes

    SEBA - Website Input

    I think a nice page for links to replacement parts, hard to find parts, things like that. I also think a calendar of events would be nice. You could also have a link to sign up for the mailing list on there for visitors, like Mitch said. Oh and hot chicks in Scouts...or ON Scouts would...
  14. edstarnes

    ? for those that use your Scout / IH as a daily driver...

    Ditto for what Gary said. See the Meth Addicts thread for what you would be up against. I had to rebuild mine and it was like pulling a string on a sweater. Before I knew it, I had basically rebuilt everything. If you have a running daily driver, I would stick with it and rebuild what you...
  15. edstarnes

    ? for those that use your Scout / IH as a daily driver...

    I drive my Scout daily. I get about 12mpg, depending on how much I stomp the skinny pedal. My trip is about 50 miles round trip and I love it. No radio, no A/C. I have mounts on the rear seat for my daughter's child seat (thanks, Levi!). I swapped the seats so she can walk through, but it...